Recent Trends in the Philippines

The Filipino film industry have suffered quite a huge decline since 1997 where almost 200 films were produced at that time and then dwindled to a mere 30-40 films a year in the early 2000. However, since 2006, the industry saw for the first time since 1997 an increase in the number of films produced, from 30-40 to up to about 60 titles.

This increase is widely believed to be contributed to the digital film production movement where many new, young and talented directors emerged equipped with the power of digital film making (much like what has happened to Malaysia). However, much unlike what is happening in Malaysia, the government as well as the public sector such as the exhibitors have played a very important role in encouraging this new trend, by measures such as tax exemptions for digital films and filming equipment to dedicated cinema halls to showcase these movies to organising of digital and independent film festivals etc.

The outlook for the Filipino film industry is bright, and is well on way to recovery, with the local movie share of box office rising to over 30% in 2006 onwards from just over 20% in previous years.

Some good recent Filipino movies:

1. To Marry, to Join, to Share (Jose Javier Reyes, 2006)
2. Mother Nanny (Pablo Biglang-awa, Veronica Velasco, 2006)
3. Blackout (Ato Bautista, 2007)
4. The Bet Collector (Jeffrey Jeturian, 2006)
5. Death in the Land of Encantos (Lav Diaz, 2007)

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