Real Baby

This is a real baby, man…. will someone buy this for me as a present??? I can’t afford it ;-)

This company really makes quality products.

I will seriously consider awarding myself with this set once I reach 5dan in strength. That is probably 5-10 years from now ;-)


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8 responses to “Real Baby

  1. OMYGOD!

    RM4.3K for a Go set…. Wowsers, it may be quality, but surely that’s too pricey.

    Then again, maybe it’s worthwhile if you play everyday. Whew…just scares me looking at the price of that baby :)

  2. fallingstones

    Yeah… and the price for really top Go equipment can go 6 to 7 figures! That is really hardcore and for the uber rich! The wood is from the most rare Kaya wood and the “stones” are from the most rare shell that is now no longer available in Japan while the bowls are also made of the most rare wood.

    But for me, this set is good enough to last me many, many years and yes, I do indeed plan to use it for a very long time. For the record, since I have a weak will, I have already bought the slate and shell stones as well as the bowl featured here, so next up is the board ;-)

  3. Haha,

    There goes your 5 years plan. Waiting eagerly for you to show it off in your next post.


  4. fallingstones

    At first I wanted to take pictures unwrapping the stones and the bowl but I ended up having to open up the boxes haphazadly at the customs since it was blocked there. I will post the pictures later but I think they will look at same as in the picture. They are really nice to hold and play with. Really wonderful equipment.

  5. Gasp! Blocked at Customs? How much did it cost you inclusive of duties (if any) and shipping?

    Hehe, post up the pix when you’re ready.

    Any cheapo sets around in Malaysia? Tried looking up the Malaysian Go association but the FAQ wasn’t much of a help.

    My budget = RM100 – RM150.


  6. fallingstones

    Hi, yeah.. the customs will tax 15% of the invoice price of the stuffs. For the bowl and the stones, I paid 35,000 yen, that’s about rm1,000. Shipping is about RM150.

    In the Malaysia weiqi association, we sell some sets too. not too expensive, surely not more than rm100. If you are interested, I can arrange for a set for you.

    Before I bought this set of stones, my previous set was bought from japan, about rm300, glass stones with a folding board. I also bought a 2inch board from beijing which is a very good board to play on. I am still using this board.

  7. That’s great. Talk to you when we meet up in August in the Japanese Club.

  8. fallingstones

    Ok. Looking forward very much to meeting you.

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