Wall-E Can Fly!

Wall-E is an amazing movie. I was totally captivated by this new Disney-Pixar movie. Not only does it has heart, it has lots of brains too and the makers are really geniuses. What a smart movie this is. Probably the best movie I watched this “summer”.

On another note, we managed to acquire the license for the movie TURTLES CAN FLY for our Indonesian feed, thanks to our friends at Jive who also has a hand in the very happening Blitz cineplexes in Indonesia. Jive brings in some really quality movies not only to the Blitz cineplexes but also for release on DVD there as well as the licensing of the rights to TV channels like ours. What a blessing that we have these very talented, informed, cultured and bright people at Jive and Blitz.

TURTLES CAN FLY is really one movie of a kind. It is a movie that is excellent in so many ways one wonders what the hell is Hollywood doing churning out idiotic remakes and sequels to dumb movies. Well, Wall-E is an exception this summer but still, TURTLES is heads and shoulders above any one of the recent Hollywood makes.

I mean it is well and all to have a dumb blockbuster movie to watch once in a while but too much garbage in will only make us rubbish dumps. We need to have good quality movies once in a while, if not a consistent all year round of quality movies, so that our intellect and soul (if there is one) can be nourished. Call us snobbish or geeky or anything you wish but those people that watches exclusively Hollywood movies are really missing a lot of great stuffs, so trust me on this one, at least go and get a copy of TURTLES CAN FLY, and if you live in Indonesia, don’t forget to watch it on Astro Kirana.


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5 responses to “Wall-E Can Fly!

  1. Wall-E totally looks like the robot from “Short Circuit”… minus the cheesy 80’s style of course

  2. YEah, agree with u on Turtles Can Fly. Bought it 2 years back. I just got hold of Half Moon, gonna watch it this weekend. BTW, u r still with Kirana? By any chance u can get United Red Army by Koji Wakamatsu?

  3. fallingstones

    Hi Patrick, thanks for commenting and indeed its looks true although I think Wall-E is really a lot cuter and loveable ;-)

    Mutey, did you buy TURTLES in Malaysia? I didn’t see it on sale here (yet). Yeah, still with Kirana but soon will be gone. Nope, didn’t get the title, perhaps I will ask my successor to keep an eye for it when she goes to the AFM soon.

  4. Yes, I bought it here in KL.

  5. Hi Ho —

    Finally watched WALL*E. Hmmm, maybe my expectations were too high but it felt ‘cold’ even while trying to be ‘warm and fuzzy’. Of course it didn’t help that there was an annoying kid seated right next to me at the screening I attended. ;(

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