What it Takes

“No discipline and not focused”

This was what I thought when I got quite pissed off with the staff at a coffee shop in Low Yat Plaza today. I was at Low Yat to fix my phone and what I experienced at the phone repair shop is 180 degrees different from what I experienced at the coffee shop.

There are a lot of things that a person need to have to do a job well, such as one must be well equipped with the skills and knowledge for the job and one must be honest. These are the bare minimum requirement for anyone to get hired. But above that, I really think that the key two things that one must have to perform at the job is really Discipline and Focus. Of course, moving up there are many other things that one should have such as planning, organisation and strategic skills but there is no need to talk in such high level if the basics of Discipline and Focus are still lacking.

From my observations, most people are honest and they are somehow skilled enough to do the job but what separates them from performing and achieving results is that they are not disciplined enough and they are not focussed enough on the task at hand. By Discipline, I don’t mean that that one has to be like in the military although that helps but by disciplined, I really meant that one needs to do the things that one has committed to do and do it well. It also means that one must be disciplined enough to NOT do the things that they are not supposed to do.

To illustrate this point, at the phone repair shop, someone came to the service technician with a slide phone and said that she can’t hear from the receiver. That guy took the phone and examined it for a while and told the lady that apparently the wiring to the receiver is not quite right and they are not specialised in wiring and thus referred the lady to another shop which will get the job done better. This is really professional. Also at the same shop, I was wanting to also change my phone casing and I opted for the AP type which is supposed to be of much better quality. The service guy got one from the store and tried to change it for me but somehow something didn’t fit. He immediately went back to the store and found one that really fit my phone, sparing no effort to make sure that the best case fits my phone. This kind of service level simply makes me feel so happy inside. It brightens up my day.

Until I went to that stupid coffee shop where I tried to order some food. The waiter practically ignored me when I waved at him and I know he saw me because we crossed eyes. But he just simply continue doing whatever he wanted i.e. talking to other waiters and making jokes with the cashier girl. He didn’t have the discipline to get the work that he is supposed to do done and he did not have any focus on his job. In fact, I bet his mind is wondering somewhere, day dreaming perhaps. This is beyond lazy. This is simply just no disciple and not focused. 

Being focused on the job that needs to be done is incredibly important because by just focusing on getting the job done, one will do whatever one can in his or her capacity to ensure that the thing that is expected of him or her gets done. If not, other people’s life also suffers because of his or her lack of focus or discipline. In many of our jobs, our work is interlinked. If one person does not get the job done, it will affect other people’s job as well and that weak link will eventually result in the whole team or organisation not achieving its objectives or target. 

By not being disciplined and not focused, one is not a responsible person because most of the time, they make a pain of other people’s life. And other people, if they are responsible, disciplined and focused, do not deserve to be treated like that. For one, I believe that in whatever organisations, these not disciplined and not focused people should be weeded out, counseled and let go if necessary so that they will not infect other people and becomes the barrier to other people and the organisation to achieve their goals and aspirations.


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4 responses to “What it Takes

  1. Yes, Discipline, Focus (and Perseverance) is an important aspect in life. Being professional about work is a must.

    Sometimes, I just don’t get the thinking of some people whilst doing their work.

    I mean, slacking at work when there’s no customers around or during off peak hours (for bus drivers) is understandable. Not exactly acceptable but understandable.

    However, a failure to serve the customer or being late as a Bus Driver during PEAK hours where you’ve many, many people waiting for you to go to work… I mean why should the company even pay you, if you fail at the work you are supposed to, especially during critical periods?

    Sigh, I’m sad to say that such bad attitude is becoming more prevalent these days. Our standards have become so low that good service like you experienced at the phone repair shop has become something pleasant, rather than something expected.


  2. fallingstones

    You hit the point right at the head. Good service, instead of something that should be the norm, has become a rare thing and whenever we encounter one, it is like a blessing. Something is really wrong…. but how can the society address this problem? I really don’t know. How did the Japanese do it? Maybe they have a very strong culture and pride in their work.

  3. Culture…yes a feeling of pride of a job well done and a sense of shame when one produces a shoddy piece of work. This has to be fostered during childhood and at school. Sad to say, our education system is sorely lacking at this aspect.

    Then again, the antics of our politicians does little to inspire the young ones… The quality of work by our Public Sector is not that encouraging either.

    We cannot hope to change the world (or Malaysia), we can only change ourselves… :(

  4. fallingstones

    The sense of pride is really important. Without a sense of pride, whether in ourselves, our work, our culture, etc. there are no standards to be measured and anything goes. Becuase when a person is without pride, he or she won’t give a damn on a lot of things, if he or she gets scolded or reprimanded for a piece of lousy work, it does not affect him or her because they have no pride, and their work continues to be shoddy and they continue to make other people’s life hell…

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