What a Hectic Week!

First of all, apologies for not updating this blog for more than a week now. That’s because I have started my new job and was bogged down by so much work and learning. This new company is a lot more dynamic than I first thought and and also a lot more to do at the back end that I first imagined.

To start off with, there are three strategic alliances happening in three different countries, all of them are still in the negotiation stage and all the financial and business analysis required that goes with it, two acquisition deals that are in discussion, a group restructuring exercise and a funding scheme in talks with a couple of venture capitalists.

Then the back end is still in a huge mess. First is to put in place a business performance management system that is almost non existent or in a rather bad shape, such as a budgetary control system, a performance management system via KPIs, etc. And an upgrade to a new ERP system is due and I have met with some solution partners, yet still unable to decide at this stage which solution that will best fit our operations. Next week, there are two more SAP solution providers coming for a pitch. Add to that an investment in a multi-million Ringgit piece of machinery, the things to do seem endless.

And we are seriously lacking in human resources. In one week, I felt that I have worked for probably one month. So tiring but sometimes is quite satisfying. I have never been so busy and preoccupied in a very long time.

I hope for the best and hope that everything turns out well.

Movies? Really no time for that… unfortunately. Maybe later when everything is set in pace like a well-oiled machine first. But I really need to hire people fast.


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3 responses to “What a Hectic Week!

  1. Dear Falling Stones,

    I am sure that with you at the helm, things will turn out fine. Although I am sure the thought

    ‘Oh Dear, What have I gotten myself into *might* possibly cross your mind.’

    Hmmm… ERP implementation eh… If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt is to ask for the output. Sure, 1st tier ERP systems look snazzy and they promise you everything but just ask for the output.

    Those server generated reports look like cr*p. And customising the reports…well, let’s just say a good ERP should allow your staff to easily customise reports to meet the every changing requirements of users.

    Otherwise, it’s just the same ol’ download the data into excel and sort them via Pivot Tables routine…sigh…

  2. Good luck and wishes for your new job! Sounds like you’ve got a lot to do but also are up for the challenge.

  3. fallingstones

    Hi Avatar, that’s excellent advice re erp. we had a lot of problem with sap reporting in my previous company but they are really looking at improving this area. the investment is not small, so will evaluate careful versus business needs. thanks!

    Hi YTSL, thanks for the best wishes ;-) fingers crossed ;-)

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