Bak Kut Teh and All

Over the weekend, my geeky friend was in town, back from Hong Kong for a short break and brought me some really wonderful movies, including Lee Chang-dong’s GREEN FISH, his first feature which I somehow did not manage to buy because it is out of print and I craved to watch. Of course, most of the time was spent chatting about movies, politics, movies, food, movies and some. I really missed the movie business.

Anyways, the Bak Kut Teh in Klang is really one of a kind and totally delicious. The rice especially is of top quality and the soup is excellent, not too much herb smell and the taste is well balanced. There are just so many Bak Kut Teh shops in Klang and they are enjoying some amazing business. In fact, there are many nice things to eat in KL if you know where to find them. Before I came to KL many many years ago, I thought KL food is really crap and Ipoh food is the best but I am somehow changing my mind now.

Food programmes like the One Day Five Meal on Astro is really good because they introduce us to the many culinary delights in the Klang Valley and Jason’s Taste With Jason is an excellent all round programme. I have myself been to some wonderful food places and would like to blog about them but I am really too shy to bring a camera and photograph the food :)

Work is really hectic. I think I got conned joining this company ;-) Haha. Anyways, the work is really challenging. I can deal with all the corporate stuffs, the ERPs, business analysis, etc. which is no problems with me but there are some things that I am really not accustomed to and I will not detail them down here for obvious reasons.

Free time is really scarce and whenever I have them, I spend them studying Go, either going online but most often replaying Pro games and studying some joseki and opening patterns. I need to really hone my komoku joseki, especially the pincer version. Am really weak at that. Of course, I still do many Life and Death and Tesuji problems every night just before I sleep. They relaxes me.

I need more sleep…..


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13 responses to “Bak Kut Teh and All

  1. Bak Kut Teh…lovely..yum2 but watch your cholesterol level.

    As for work, well….I’m guessing…what else but the people? It’s mostly the same wherever one goes….it’s the degree and intensity that may differ…


  2. fallingstones

    yea… hopefully cholestrol level is ok. last year checked, was ok… hopefully is still ok…

    u r right. most problems are really people problem and in my new job, so far, the people are ok. just too much rubbish to clean, rubbish that has been accumulating slowly for the past 28 years…. will take some time…

  3. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day… so it will take time to revamp things. Patience is a virtue, so be patient :)

    Obviously, in a competitive market, things have to move fast but sometimes, things such as culture change can’t be hurried too quickly and has to be dealt with delicately.

  4. Hi Ho —

    “I have myself been to some wonderful food places and would like to blog about them but I am really too shy to bring a camera and photograph the food :)”

    Here’s a complementing and complimentary blog entry to partly make up for this:-

    Enjoy and aaaaah re the memories? :)

  5. fallingstones

    wow ytsl, ur pics makes me want to go and eat again ;-) but i am really really really hungry for the ipoh chee cheong fun… miss them so much….

  6. fallingstones

    hi avatar. yeah… patience is really needed but with the boss who sees everything as super urgent and calls and sms many times a day, sometimes things do get on my nerves. and i have a reputation of being a really patient person, even my doctor said that ;-) if not, he couldn
    t believe how i can look so relax while my blood pressure is readin 150/110. LOL ;-)

    Avatar, do you play Go on KGS? I am there almost every night now and am giving this kid girl some go lessons plus reviews, so if you are on, please join. i am normally in KGS at around 10.30pm.

  7. Glad you checked out the bak kut teh meal photos. What’s Ipoh chee cheong fun like compared to KL and Penang chee cheong fun? ;b

  8. Dear Falling Stones,

    I’d love to join you on KGS. However, my ceplak desktop is crashing on me intermittently and the BSOD has driven my blood pressure through the roof. I’ll drop by KGS once I get it fixed.

    Oh…sorry to hear you’ve got one of *those* type of bosses. Yup, sometimes bosses tend to ask too much of their staff.

    The best ones are those that knows what they want and how to get there and let you grow, improve and support them.

    The capable ones are those that know who to trust, what tasks to delegate and to whom, and let their subordinates handle the tasks at hand whilst keeping a lookout at the overall big picture…

    Most of the times, one has b*sses that neither know what they want, nor how to get there and only know how to beat the cr*p out of their staff and ask why things are getting done???

    LOL :)

    That’s the beauty of life! Of course, there’s no promise that once one is elevated to B*ssHood, one wouldn’t fall under category 3 :) [me included]

  9. fallingstones

    Hi Avatar, hope to see you on KGS or in Japan Club ;-)

    Re bosses, I think half the journey is really from us as staff, we need to give them the confidence to believe in us so that they won’t get all anxious. If one can convince the boss that he/she can get the job done, I do think that the number os sms and calls will lessen.

  10. Dear FallingStones,

    Just got a copy of Hikaru no Go this week. Been watching like many episodes per day…Oh dear, Go just got more interesting watching the anime :)

    Sure, I’ll drop by. :)

    Yeah, it’s always easy to point the perceived faults of others, not realizing there are three other fingers pointing back at oneself. You’re right about making the boss more comfortable with one’s competence so that their worries will lessen.


  11. Dear Falling Stones,

    I went to the KGS server but I’m a bit lost. Some pointers on how to join and go to the Malaysian corner & watch your games would be much appreciated :)

    Never been to KGS until today. Haha…when I say I’m a newbie, I totally mean it…

  12. Got any “cow” kut teh around in Malaysia? Boon ping suggested it.

  13. fallingstones

    really??? i have not heard of cow kut teh but chick kut teh got la ;-)

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