Test Results

I have been watching my diet for more than two weeks now since I have made up my mind to have a healthy body. This comes about when I met with one new friend who has just done an operation due to cardiac arrest (heart attack) and I heard from him first hand the horror that he has to go through. Besides wanting to stay healthy, I am also planning to increase my insurance coverage. Sounds really kiasu huh, but I think this is really necessary.

So I have been drinking vegetable juice (tomato, carrot and celery) everyday. These three vegetables I often don’t like to eat but surprisingly, after blending them together, they didn’t taste bad at all. In fact, I quite like the taste and there starts our weekly shopping at Jusco for these three vegetables. Also, I have made a dramatic change to my breakfast. I am now eating Quaker oats with low fat milk for breakfast everyday.

The results of this is good so far. My blood pressure has dropped by more than 10 points and brought me back at a double digit level (diastolic).

Back to Go, after the last time I took Alexander’s strength where I scored around 1dan, I have tried that test again and the results is as follows:

“Thank you! Your score is 162 from 200.
You are about European 4-dan (you can convert this grade to other ranking-systems by using this table )

Please don’t be disappointed if this mark is lower than your real grade.
We were mainly trying to test your understanding of the game.

Your actual rank depends on your reading skill, your ability to make decisions under time pressure, your state of health and many other factors.”

Maybe it is luck since it is a multiple choice question but compared to the last time I took the test, I seem to have more clarity this time and consciously know that the answers I chose the last time I took the test is decidedly inferior in some questions. Maybe there is hope for improvement afterall.

If you would like to take the test, follow this link: http://play.baduk.org/go-test/start.php?


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4 responses to “Test Results

  1. Health is the most important thing. Working in Finance is quite hazardous to health since they tend to be:

    1. At meetings.
    You only exercise your mouth

    2. At the PC
    You only exercise your eyes and the hands typing at keyboards and moving the mouse.

    Maybe spend more time exercising also-lar…


    Congrats on 4-d! :)

  2. Re your diet: be careful of the milk you’re drinking! (Not just because ethnic Chinese tend to be lactose intolerant but, also, because of the on-going China dairy products scandal.)

    For myself, I love food too much to be all that healthy with regards to my diet. Try to exercise instead — and while it’s still too hot to hike these past few months, do such as walk quite a bit daily, including up (as well as down) escalators rather than just stand on them… ;b

  3. BTW – You’re looking very distinguished at the Malaysia Weiqi Association website :)

  4. fallingstones

    hi avatar, i used to go to the gym in my previous company but this new job takes most of my weekdays nights away and one every other Saturday morning…. not much worth it to pay for the gym but i think i will do some exercise at home though. on another note.. i didnt believe they published the photos on the website…. haha…. looks like the fbi wanted list.

    hi ytsl aka geeky friend ;-) i have gotten the confidence from out health minister that the milk i am drinking is ok since it was sourced not from china and contains no melamine…. exercising is definitely a must and in my company now, i try to use the stairs instead of the elevator, one so that i can exercise but secondly my boss is a rather cost conscious person and says that it costs the company 50sen each time the life goes up and another 50sen each time the lift comes down. you won’t believe how cost conscious my boss is….

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