What about movies??

I realised that I have been blogging a lot about Go nowadays and have not written anything about movies. This is probably because I am obsessed with Go recently to prepare myself for the World Mind Games in Beijing, which will happen the week after next, by the way! And many professional players will be there and this is truly a fan trip. I will, hopefully, get to meet Yoda Norimoto and take a picture with him since I am one of his fans. Secondly, it is probably because since I left the movie industry I am watching a lot less movies nowadays. I used to watch at least 10 movies every week, now I am happy to be able to watch just one.

Last week I was at the cinema for the second time in two months (believe it or not!! I used to be at the cinemas at least 4-5 times a week). But luckily the visit to the cinema and the taking of the risk to watch a Hong Kong movie paid off. CONNECTION is a rather good movie. A lot more to be desired but is okay given the loads of crap that Hong Kong is producing nowadays. And yesterday I bought HELP ME EROS on DVD and watched it. This Lee Kang Sheng movie, I think is a step forward for Lee compared to his movie prior to this entitled THE MISSING where we can see the imprint of Tsai Ming Liang everywhere. Tsai’s presence is still felt in HELP ME EROS (not only because he produced it) but Lee’s venture into eroticism sometimes reminds me of Stanley Kubrick. Anyways, I still love Tai Ming Liang. No one can do better than him in GOODBYE, DRAGON INN. That movie is just perfect Tsai Ming Liang.

Since I left the movie channel two months back, I have been hearing various feedback. It is really a joy working in movies and work really doesn’t seem like work. But one has to face the reality of life. If in Go the main objective is to gain as much territory as possible, in real life one has to balance pleasure with economics. The world is ever changing. Life changes all the time. One cannot always only seek pleasure and do only the things that is pleasurable. I wish life is as simple as that but the hard facts is that life is tough and one has to be brave to face the hard realities of life. And for all you know, by being brave and face the hard realities, one grows up to be a more matured person, a person that is wiser and has more substance. If not, by just doing what is pleasurable, one is forever a kid and will never grow up.

But life is all about balance. To find this balance is really the art of living.


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4 responses to “What about movies??

  1. “…life is all about balance. To find this balance is really the art of living.”

    Hear, hear: Well thought and written!

    And a corollary to your not viewing many movies since leaving the movie industry is my not watching that many contemporary films since leaving bc where I had to review them. All in all, it’s amazing the amount of films I’ve been watching lately that have been part of film fests, retrospectives, etc. To give you an idea: I’ve yet to view CONNECTED. Instead, the most recent film I watched (last Friday) was at the HK Film Archive and will be headed there again this weekend for another screening! (Additionally, in between the two film screenings, should — if the typhoon gods are willing — be taking in three different classical music concerts!)

  2. Eee? When did you move to WordPress?

    I watched Goodbye Dragon Inn a few weeks ago, along with What Time Is It There and The Wayward Cloud, back-to-back in a span of two days, I think. My favourite among the three is What Time Is It There though. For the romanticism, I guess.

  3. fallingstones

    hi YTSL.. at least you are still watching movies, contemporary or not but i am missing the whole slice… no wonder a sense of emptiness is creeping up. hopefully after the beijing games, i will spend less time on go and watch more movies instead. now i am spending almost all my free time on go.

    hi swifty! long time no see. of the three tsai, what time is it there is probably at the other end of goodbye dragon inn. one wonders in fact, goodbye dragon inn is the most hardcore tsai has done, imho and for that, it is to me a very different experience.

    why in the world would you watch 3 tsai films back-to-back???

  4. … I was bored and had nothing else to do? And thought that seeing other bored people onscreen will make me feel less bored?

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