Something’s Wrong

Something is wrong with how the government governs the country. Everytime I write a cheque to pay for my income tax, I always have this reluctance to send the cheque but since it is a statutory requirement, I pay all my taxes in full as any good citizens do. But the contract with the government is such that the citizens pay taxes in return for protection mostly (whether from physical harm or a sort of a social security net) and secondly to enjoy the infrastructural improvements that the government should endeavour to improve the standard of living of its citizen.

Every time I write the cheque, I question what am I paying for, I question the unwritten social contract and I get really very angry each time because my personal opinion is that I am at the short end of this so-called social contract.

Just to quote from my own experience, I don’t really feel safe. In my very short time, my car has been stolen before, my house broken into, my mom hurt by snatch thieves, my brother in law’s car almost stolen, my colleague’s daughter hospitalised due to snatch thieve, another colleagues’ house broken into, etc. etc. The incidence of these happening is just too often and just too wide spread. In the news, we read of so many cases of rape, of kidnapping and of murder. What is happening to our society??? What are the authorities doing??? As I type, I get angrier and angrier and I am already been generally considered as a calm and reasonable person. But all these is just so unbearable. This horrible state of a society that we are living in. There is no peace. We are always scared. A country cannot be a good country when its citizens are always scared.

Infrastructure? Look at the roads! Pot holes every where, unfinished and shoddy road jobs, horrible transportation system. What the hell is wrong with those people holding power? The fact that we elected them is so that they can do something good for us good, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens but alas! this is just not the case.

Corruption is one big, big sore in this country. Doubtless, the prime minister is working of weeding out corruption with the arrest of some sharks but the corruption is just too wide spread and just goes too deep. Someone needs to really go beneath it and root it out from the roots. Just arresting a few people here and there will not work. After the heat, corruption will hit us back with a vengeance! A few top immigration guys arrested? Well, will the people that is working in the immigration department stop corruption, if any (ahem), just because some top guys got arrested? Ask me privately and I will let you know. Maybe yes, maybe no. I don’t know. Ahem.

Corrupted, lazy SOB they all!!!! (maybe…)

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