Great “Cartoons”

In a conversation topic today, the topic of good “cartoons” crop up and immediately, Hayao Moyazaki comes to my mind although the word “cartoons” cannot really be linked up to Miyazaki but to Mickey Mouse for example. In stark contrast to Mickey Mouse, GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES comes up in my mind (although not a Miyazaki product), thanks to a candy box that my wife bought for me:

Looking at the candy box, a very deep feeling emerged inside me. I suddenly recall the feelings that I felt while watchng the movie. What a great movie that is! One of my most favourite and treasured movies of all time.

If there is one thing that this post can do, I hope it is that you will look for the movie and watch it. This movie is widely available in any Speedy Video shop.

I promise you that you will not regret watching this movie.


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6 responses to “Great “Cartoons”

  1. Hi Ho —

    Have to confess: I still have yet to view GRAVEYARD OF THE FIREFLIES. Honestly, I’m afraid to. For if films like ALWAYS 1 and 2 can already leave me a blubbering wreck, I’m afraid GRAVEYARD… will turn me into a giant wet puddle! ;(

  2. fallingstones

    Hi YTSL! In this case, it is almost guaranteed that wherever you watch this movie, it will turn into a swimming pool of tears…… ;-) Heart wrenching stuff….. I have yet to watch ALWAYS 2, time to visit again… ;-))

  3. Sipes

    I watched this movie upon reading your recommendation. It is indeed a good film, very visceral and truly beautiful in the way it evokes such feeling and empathy for the characters.

  4. fallingstones

    Hi Sipes, great to know that you like that film ;-) How I hope the world be rid of violence and war.

  5. harry

    I saw this film years ago and have never watched it again. Not because it is bad – oh no. In fact, the opposite is true. It was so powerful and depressing the first time, I just can’t bring myself to put it in the player again. Fantastically done.

  6. fallingstones

    Hi Harry, to be honest, I myself is “afraid” to watch this film again simply because of the reason you mentioned. I am unsure if I can withstand the emotions that the film evokes. I have watched it several times, with my wife and friends but once I watched it by myself alone and I felt the deepest when I watched it alone.

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