Three Country Go Tournament

Last weekend, we had our annual Three Country Go Tournament between Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Apparently, this tournament is already 20 years old, having had the first one back in 1988. It is more of a friendship tournament so that players and members get to know each other more and share experience etc. It is a very good initiative.

I took part in the tournament, of course, having promised myself that I should play more tournament Go. I took part in the same tournament some years back in Singapore and had great memories of it.

Besides the tournament proper, we had two professional teachers from Singapore, Mr. Yang and Mr. Kang who played teaching games with us. Without any doubts, I learnt a few things this time too.

The tournament started on Saturday morning itself and since I had to work, I had to miss the first two games. I wanted to take leave from work but we had a pre-arranged meeting with some Singaporeans that morning and I could not be absent from the meeting.

So, barring the first two games which I lost on penalty, I won 2 out of 5 games. One game I lost to Philip by 8.5 points, due again to my horrible yose play which Alex showed me how I should have played, and the two games I won, one is with Chyn who walked-over because he said he needed rest and the final game, I won against Jimmy Cheng by 1.5 points. The game with Jimmy was particularly interesting as he played two “flying knife” moves on me which I got hit both times and had to struggle to recover from that ambush. Luckily, I managed to secure some territories in the center to get that win.

Overall, it was a fun event. More tournaments to go.

Full report and pictures here:


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6 responses to “Three Country Go Tournament

  1. Sounds pretty cool. Must have been a fun event… More competitions coming up?

  2. Must have been fun. You’ve more tournaments to go? It’s already been a pretty exciting year in Go with WMSG and this TriGo tournament :)

  3. been a quite active year for you, no? i just realised that I participated in about 7 tournaments this year, but felt so few.

  4. fallingstones

    hi avatar, yea, this sat is the jc tournament but after that, for me, is probably the selection tournament for next year’s major events, i.e. the Korean Prime Minister Cup, The Asian Baduk Cup and The World Amateur Go Championship. Plus there are other smaller tournaments too.

    Hi Idazu, yup, quite active compared to the last 2-3 years. this is since the pearl point tournament which was my first tournament in 2-3 years XD. Then the WMSG and then last week the 3 Country Tourney. So 3 tournaments for me this year. Next year, if workload allows, will participate in more and more tournament, although the knowledge that I won’t be winning can be demotivating sometimes but the sheer fun and thrill of tournaments and the friendships is just too amazing.

  5. thrilling and friendships are true.. but i never find a tournament to be fun. watching final games yes very fun, but playing one … not so much. the weight of the game is too heavy sometimes.

    i guess that’s where fighting spirit plays its role. wonder how can i nurture one.

  6. fallingstones

    haha, may be true. i have never played in a final before, so can’t really say. i will imagine my blood pressure shooting off the roof and face extra red.

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