Cape No. 7

Those who knew me long enough will know that I am a sucker for romantic movies. Since winning many awards, Cape No. 7 finally came to our cinemas and after some time, I managed to finally watch it. And what a pleasant surprise from this little movie! I totally love it from all aspects, the soundtrack is wonderful, the music is good, the tone and feel of the movie is excellent, the pacing, editing, sound, the balance between drama, romance and comedy are all good. Although overall, there is no big deal re the story etc. (we have seen many such movies such as NANA etc.), the overall execution is captivating.

Go watch it if you can and chances are you will like it too.

As for me, I am looking forward to RED CLIFF 2, which will be such a great, great Chinese New Year movie (based on the extremely positive feedback from my ex-movie industry colleagues).

Cape No 7

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