Study Pack

After 10 hours of work, the first complete study pack for Module A is ready: Module A Study Pack

Please comment. All feedback is highly appreciated.


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7 responses to “Study Pack

  1. As a beginning Go player I found this quite helpful. I would recommend not using Calibri though. I use a Mac and I don’t have it installed. If I change to another font it screws up the layout.

  2. Tom

    Is it just me, or is the snapback diagram missing a white stone to capture the black one….

  3. fallingstones

    Hi Erik. That’s good advice. To ease it, I will get those on pdf so that the layout can be fixed and is easier on everyone using different systems.

    Tom, you are sharp ;-) Indeed it is missing one stone and I have also made a better diagram for the snapback too. I will publish it once I have made more corrections. Many thanks!

  4. Phew, great job! Great presentation, layout looks crisp and interesting, especially the use of anime. Your love for Go shines through :)

    Now for them comments:

    1. Pagination – numbering the slides might be useful esp. if it’s intended to be used to teach/discuss.
    2. Some text boxes tend to exceed the slides and overlap with diagrams etc. are off, though it might be because PowerPoint settings are different on different PCs
    3. Some slides, e.g. slide 20 has Q&As. Suggest you use different font colors to differentiate questions and answers. E.g. red font for Qs and blue font for As.


  5. fallingstones

    Hi Avatar! Long time no chat!

    Thanks for your comments. I will incorporate all of them in the final copy. I am planning, besides the pagination, to also include page numbers in the table of contents and to better present the table of contents.

    Many thanks and hope to see you at the club soon ;-))

  6. Tom

    I can’t wait for the other go packs to show my friends, since go is kinda hard to force on people… Keep up the good work!!

  7. fallingstones

    Hi Tom, I have already finished with the Opening Section of the second pack and is now working on the other sections. I don’t think the whole pack can come out soon but I am considering releasing the other packs section by section. Thanks a lot for your kind words, support and feedback! Appreciate it very much ;-)

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