Daily Go Routine

Yeah, another post on Go but one post on movie is coming up and brewing ;-)

My current intensity with Go has several origins, firstly, the increase in the number of tournaments that I am participating in, as I have promised myself earlier to take part in every tournament that I can and have time for. The World Mind Sports Games in Beijing is a major fuel for me. Secondly, the gang at the Malaysian Weiqi Association, namely Mr. Tiong, Billy, Zaid, Alex, Philip, Xinwen, Dennis, et al has been really great and I enjoy their company a lot, and their enthusiasm for Go encouraged me to become better at Go (and to beat them too). Thirdly, we now have a league system and I have participated. I don’t want to lose all my games and I want to emerge as one of the top players there. Fourth, playing Go calms me and is a good antidote to all the crazy things that is happening in the office.

So I have now devised a plan which I am determined to focus and execute for the coming 3 months. It is going to be strenous and demanding but what the heck! I have gone through much tougher times, I have been through much more extreme situations and have survived and emerged better, so I believe this regime is going to do me good. Here is the plan:

1. 60 minutes in the review of one Lee Changho game using the very nice book that I recently bought in Kinokuniya.

2. 25 minutes spent to solve 24 basic life and death problems using the L&D book I bought in China. These problems are not very tough questions but is good training.

3. 25 minutes spent to solve 20 Tesuji problems in the Tesuji problem book composed by Lee Changho.

4. 10 minutes spent to study one problem in the Chinese book entitled Connecting and Cutting. This is a very advanced problem book on connecting and cutting, using real professional games and full board situations.

5. 30 minutes to study one chapter/section of the Ishida joseki dictionary.

In total, 2.5hours a day which is manageable.

The above are mainly aimed to strengthen my reading and fighting skills and to develop a better full board vision for the game, thus executing better strategy.

The above is going to last 3 months and with the team study and the league, let’s see if I can get to 3 dan soon.


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5 responses to “Daily Go Routine

  1. Wow, such dedication to Go. Respect! But I think scaling down to 1.5 hours is more realistic, with breaks in between… Give your brain some rest-lar :)

    ‘… is a good antidote to all the crazy things that is happening in the office’

    Hmmm, with the current downturn in the economy, I can screams along the lines of…. ‘Cut cost, conserve cash…. Aaarrggghhhh, business going down the drain’

    Well, at least playing Go is cheaper than going to a psychiatrist…to relieve work stress….

  2. fallingstones

    haha, 1.5 hours is barely enough to go thru one game… anyways, if i am really tired, i will accrue the hours and charge it back out during the weekend ;-)

    yea, cost cutting, CASH, productivity, – all those words is ringing everywhere.

  3. ixiaolu

    great plan:) i really admire your determination!

    but i think there’s one important point you might have missed, the yose, some experts believe that it is just as important as solving L&D problems in training for amateurs

    as i began to recover my weiqi skills at the end of last year, i mostly tried to solve various L&D problems besides playing online, it of course helped, but i was not quite satisfied with my progress given the amount of time and energy invested, then i was fortunate enough to read this good article,


    which stresses the importance of yose (and introduces many other useful ways to improve overall skills, definitely worth reading), and I tentatively switched to work mostly on yose problems (with less time because of the deadlines in my work), wow, it was much more rewarding, i could really feel myself getting stronger! on the Lianzhong server (www.ourgame.com), i used to rack my brains to stay on the 3D level (approximately 2-3D on the kgs in my view), but now i am starting to beat 4D players and am confident to soon be promoted to this higher level!

    there are two unique advantages solving yose problems can provide based on my own experience, first it can force me into the habit of computing the exact points i have and to compare the values of several possible moves before choosing the best one, not only in the yose phase, but from the very beginning of the game. this is a very practical benefit compared to L&D since in our own games, there is rarely a situation where we can kill a corner of the opponent’s stones with some tesuji. second, it
    gives me a much deeper understanding that good shapes and thickness really count. In yose problems, we can often learn how to “extort” the opponent’s stones with a bad shape, not necessarily to kill them, but to make them live in misery, and earn extra points as well.

    in my opinion, solving yose problems demands no less computing in mind than L&D does, just now, on the subway to my company, i opened the newly bought magazine “the world of weiqi” (in your blog i saw your photos taken at its publishing house) and saw an interesting L&D problem (i hadn’t done any L&D for over a month), not so easy, but i managed to solve it within ten minutes, and i read on to know that it is ranked as “above 4D”:)

    good luck with your weiqi studies, hope we can have a game sometime!

  4. interesting point ixiaolu, i am glad you keep maintaining your passion in weiqi amidst work. a motivation for me certainly.

    fallingstones, how about telling us your experience and feeling in following your own program? whats your thought now?

  5. fallingstones

    hi ixiaolu, thanks for your comment which I really appreciate. i am now changing my program a bit taking your advice into consideration ;-) I like the word “extort” and will think of that word when i play my next game. haha.

    waq i have put up a new post on my thoughts of the program and hope it works. i really hope to improve a bit…. similarly, as u said to ixiaolu, i find a lot of motivation from both of you high dans ;-) appreciate your advice a lot.

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