Reflections and Changes to Go Routine

After one week following my own program, I am happy that I have kept to the program. I have solved all the problems in Lee Changho’s first two books on tesuji, 123 problems per book, so 246 problems plus I solved 20 more of volume 3 yesterday, so total 266 tesuji problems solved. That averaged out to about 30 problems a day. I have solved about 230 life and death problems in the chinese L&D book. Have reviewed about 10 LCH games. Etc. etc. So I felt like a 7 dan until I was brought back to reality on Saturday when I lost both my league games :(

Anyways, thanks to ixiaolu’s suggestion in my previous post, I realized that what he said is really true. After going through the program for one week, this is what I have realized and I will change my program accordingly.

1. Reviewing games is really excellent but the idea of studying the joseki chapters is really not working. What I will do is I will study the joseki that is found in the game I am reviewing plus to also study a bit on the opening. That way, I can link the game study with more detailed joseki studies and don’t have to do separate joseki studies.

2. I need to incorporate endgame studies in the program and for now I will solve at least two endgame problems everyday, using the Train Like A Pro book.

3. I will maintain solving tesuji and life and death problems. I feel a lot more confident in my own reading after just one week and 500+ problems. In fact, it shows in my games now.

I think this is working and I believe if I keep at it for 3 months, I can probably improve half to one stone. Plus we are now getting a professional from Singapore to give us a workshop. So my Go life is getting more and more interesting ;-)


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2 responses to “Reflections and Changes to Go Routine

  1. Hmmmmm, I thought your latest post would be about movies, not go! :S

  2. fallingstones

    haha, ytsl, yeah….. i know…. ;-)))

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