Workshop with Kang Laoshi

As I have mentioned earlier, there are more and more Go related events in Malaysia and everything is just so exciting. Last weekend we had Kang Laoshi (Laoshi means teacher) coming from the Singapore Weiqi Association to give us a Go Workshop. Kang Laoshi is a professional 6 dan player from China.

It was a great 2-day workshop. We studied fuseki (openings) (The Kobayashi, The Mini Chinese, favourite fuseki of Gu Li and Lee Changho, etc. etc.), joseki in the context of fuseki and we realised that nowadays we do not study joseki in isolation to the corner pattern but it is always in the context of the fuseki and thus the the variations almost always extend to a quarter of the board with a full board consideration, studied professional games and of course we played teaching games.

If we can have this workshop once every 2-3 months, it will definitely help us Malaysian players improve by a lot. Here are some photos:

Kang Laoshi talking about the game between Gu Li and Lee Sedol in the 1st game of the LG Cup recently where Gu Li won. Kang Laoshi explained the game in great detail and with such excitement, it was very contagious. He is not only a great teacher, he is also a great storyteller.

Participants at the workshop. In total about 22 people participated.

The teaching game. I played two games, one on each day. The first one was with a 3 handicap of which I lost by resignation and the second one is a four handicap game which I lost by 6 points. I thought I was winning the second game though, alas!

As usual, after a day’s worth of Go activities, we all go and have dinner. We normally go to the restaurant nearby the Japan Club and had steamboat.

The kids’ table. All these kids are below 30 years old. They sit at the Kid’s Table.

All in all, I really hope that we can have this more often. Not only is it fun, I have learned a lot from this workshop, especially on the latest developments of fuseki-joseki as well as gained a far deeper appreciation of recent professional games. I normally download and go through the latest professional games by myself but after hearing Kang Laoshi explaining the same game, I came to realise how much I have missed during my own review. A real eye (or rather, brain)-opener.

Edit: Xinwen has generously uploaded the notes to the workshop on his blog. Follow this linl to read: Xinwen’s Blog


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4 responses to “Workshop with Kang Laoshi

  1. elentar

    Interesting. Does it cost anything to participate in the workshop?

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  3. fallingstones

    hi elentar, we do not have to pay much for the workshop but just share the meals money. costs very little.

  4. Dennis

    Haha, I didn’t know that I am still classified as a kid!

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