Library and Weiqi Stuffs

I have tried many times to catalog my library and every time, I fail. The only library that I consistently update is my library of movies which has more than 1,000 entries now but that even I have not updated for the past 8 months. Well, in the heat of so many Go/Weiqi activities recently and upon the request of one weiqi friend, here is a photo-catalog of my weiqi stuffs. Some are still missing from the photos below, such as my collection of the Go World magazines and the magnetic and folding Goban set, but anyways, here is what is in my collection to-date.

This is the Go set that I am using, most often the set on the left side. The bowl is made of Keyaki wood and it is a size 33 moon grade slate and shell stones bought from Kuroki Goishi Ten. The board is a 6cm 4 piece composite wood that I bought from the Chinese Weiqi Association in Beijing. I don’t know the name of the wood though. On the right side is my second set which is used when more Go friends come for a visit. These are high quality glass stones from Japan in a black wooden bowl and the board is a 2.5cm one-piece wood that I bought during the World Mind Sports Game in Beijing. I don’t know the name of the wood either. Am contemplating on acquiring a Hyuga Kaya table Goban from Mr. Kuroki but that can wait with the high Yen exchange rate.

At the back of the set are fans autographed by professional players. The most left is by Cho-U and featured one of his tsumego, next to it is the autographs of professional players I met during the World Mind Sports Games, the third contains the autographs of professional players in China and the last one is “The Tao of Go”.

Here is the first of the three shelves of Go books in my library.

Here is the second shelf.

Here is the third shelf.

Here is the collection of videos, notably the Nie Weiping lecture series, Wang Yuan lectures etc. There are many other videos that I have but not displayed here.

In terms of software, I have the 2005 version of GoGOD and Smartgo2 which I use very often. I LOVE SmartGo.

Next post, perhaps a photo-catalog of the movies stuffs.


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13 responses to “Library and Weiqi Stuffs

  1. i didnt know Basic Tesuji 4 existed !. Is it by Fujisawa Shuko as well? What’s its small title?

    Nice collection by the way.

  2. Dennis

    You have to go to HD’s house for an all nighter someday. Cosy ambience, good company and excellent resources. His home has it all!

  3. Sounds like a good idea Dennis.
    Give me the key.

  4. wow,you learn alot in weiqi,i wanted to go to japan club and have a look,but i dont know how to go yet,do i need to pay for the lessen there ?

  5. fallingstones

    hi waqi, the small title is Tesuji for Life and Death Part 2 and for End Game (

    all go players are welcome to my house and we can study together, like last weekend with Chyn, Philip and Alex where the four of us studied together.

    hi shino, please do come to the japan club. you can get more information from the malaysia weiqi website at you do not need to pay for lessons given by the senior players there. ;-)

  6. elentar

    Nice collection, can i get a copy of smartgo? *wink* *wink* >_<

  7. Nice to see a couple of Totoros in the mix! :)

  8. Thank you for the information, i will try to go there soon…,thanks ya.

  9. fallingstones, no update?

    MWA website is dead for now, i kinda looking for something to read, heehe

  10. fallingstones

    hi YTSL! Yeah… Totoro is my favourite!! ;-)

    Shino, looking forward to seeing you ;-)

    Waqi, so as to you have something to read, I just wrote a very short story. haha. hope u like it.

  11. i been there last saturday with a malay girl too, but i dont know which is you…hee hee, maybe this saturday i meet you there .

  12. Hi again Ho —

    Thought of you when watching a movie (“Rough Cut” — South Korea, 2008) at the HKIFF — now, now, don’t cry — and saw that it featured a Go-playing scene. So… ever thought of making a list/writing a blog entry of movies that feature Go-playing in them? As it is, already know of three! :)

  13. fallingstones

    Hi YTSL, you read my mind. indeed was thinking of writing a post on Go and movies after Go being featured in The International, although the go playing guy is the bad guy. haha. immediately, there are a few other i can think of, a taste of tea for example where go was quite heavily featured ;-) please lend me a hand to keep my movie interests alive….. :(

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