The Go Playing Novelist

Ah…. finally, after so many years of living, I finally know what I want to do in life. I want to be a Go playing novelist. By that, I mean I want to have the strength of a professional Go player so that I can go around the world to teach Go and at the same time, while travelling and in between teaching Go, I write critically-acclaimed novels, loved by thousands, if not millions, of people.

I have considered movies as well and I figured I won’t like film-making although I enjoy watching movies tremendously. Being a Go playing novelist, my side interests shall be watching lots and lots of movies in all its varieties, listening to classical music, jazz and some oldies and swimming, sometimes writing about movies and music as a part-time job.

That will be a perfect.

The problem is that reality is not such. The reality is that I suck at Go and I have no talent at all at writing novels, not to mention that I have never written any novels before although I have read tons. I think life is funny in that we always want to be something we are not. Maybe the grass is always greener on the other side but I really feel, at this point in time, being a Go playing novelist suits my character and personality best. I feel like I am born to be a Go playing novelist with a passionate side interest in movies, music and swimming.

Anyways, I do get my fix of things especially now that I have been somehow appointed to take care of the teaching syllabus and some teaching for a beginner’s class at the Malaysia Weiqi Association. I have started the class last week and so far, we have 5 new and enthusiastic students. They are really great, listening to me talk for one whole hour. It was really fun teaching. Maybe teaching has always been in my blood as I was already giving private tuition to students when I was in Form 3 (15 years old) right up to Form 6 (18 years old). It was a way to sustain myself, to pay for my own little pleasures since my family is quite poor and can’t afford much pocket money for me and plus the fact that I started going out with girls at the age of 16, I needed those extra money to spend.

So last week we covered the Introduction part of the syllabus right up to section A.2.7, i.e. Living and Dead Groups (refer to the syllabus and study material of which can be downloaded here.

Here is the lesson plan for the following weeks:

18 April: Life and Death (Seki, Multiple Eye Space)

25 April: Basic Tactics (Cutting, Connecting, Ladder, Net, Snapback, etc.)

2 May: Capturing Races

9 May: Basic Endgame

16 May: Opening Made Easy (properties of corner, extensions)

23 May: After the opening (relationship and combination of stones. some concepts)

30 May: Joseki and how to use them

6 June: Basic Invasion and Reduction

I reckon I can cover the whole beginner’s course laid out in the syllabus within 5 to 6 weeks, thereafter we can go one step further into opening theories, joseki and some more advanced stuffs. Each lesson lasts about one hour and at the end of the lesson, homework is given to the student to practice at home.

So, hopefully, one day I can really be a professional Go playing novelist but until that day comes, I will remain what I am and slog through the dry days (I can’t call it fun dealing with the investment bankers, accountants, lawyers, and other corporate stuffs).

P/S: The Hong Kong film awards is tomorrow. Sad that there is no one in my office to share this with, unlike previous years where there were so much fun…..


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8 responses to “The Go Playing Novelist

  1. You don’t suck at Go at all. =/

  2. Shino

    Just do want you want ! Ganbate Sensei !
    And thank you for the lesson,i will continue to learn for the rest of my life!

    • fallingstones

      hi shino! great to have you with us to play go. it is really nice to have you playing go with us. you gambate too ;-))

  3. sounds like a worthwhile dream to strive for.
    you can start small while waiting to achieve pro strength.

    certainly for now you can travel around Malaysia, teach Go and write, write, write.

    later a bit, whole South East Asia.

    later more, the whole world !

    • fallingstones

      haha, sounds doable…. but i need them to pay to be able to sustain me… but i am happy to be doing it for fun now, and the opportunity given by the mwa ;-)

  4. A Go playing novelist? How about Go playing film festival programmer?? ;)

    • fallingstones

      haha, a film festival programmer is pretty cool too ;-))) but that implies a lot of work and coordination while i was striving to get away from people at this moment. haha.

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