Training Director. Huh???

Well, yeah, I have received my name cards from the Malaysia Weiqi Association and my designation is Training Director. Nice title. Everyone felt good because the other guys are Directors too, we have a Tournament Director, Membership Director, Ranking Director, etc. So we have “board meetings” in my house on Saturday nights. Haha.

Anyways, the new beginner class is going on well and now into its third week. After the real experience of the lessons, I have made some changes and improved on the syllabus and study guide. It is not 60 pages long and included a section on “Capturing Races” and a section on “Tips to Improve”. Some other sections have also been improved and more examples given.

The first module, i.e. Module A, will last about 5 weeks to complete and each week, I give the students homework and these are reviewed the following week. Our study materials are quite comprehensive, thanks to my many years of Go book collection and also the rich internet resources.

After the 5th week, I am planning to have a week for quiz to review the lessons learnt and the top scorer for the quiz will get a prize, which I don’t know is what yet.

Then we embark on Module B, which covers more materials about the opening but especially so on the middle game, invasion, reduction, attack and defense. It is very important to train them up as fighters who looks at the board and figure the situation out themselves, fight their own game. I have also deliberately left out the joseki sections until Module C.

Module B will take another 5 weeks, after which there shall be a 13×13 tournament between the beginners. The winner will, again, get a prize.

After finishing module B, the students will have at least at SOLID 15k ranking and won’t be afraid to fry anyone weaker than 15kyu and will give the 10ks and 12ks a good game.

Here is the new, updated, revised, enhanced (hehe) syllabus and study materials for Module A. Comments welcome. Right click to download.


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