Persevere Like A Dog And You Will Get The Dogfood

It has been a few months now that I have embarked on the study program as mentioned in a blog post earlier. I have set a Go study routine and after a few weeks, that fell apart as expected. It is just not really a practical routine for someone who has a job that can be very demanding and has other hobbies and priorities, not to mention married as well. So such an intense Go study routine is not viable and I am bound to be frustrated. Perhaps I can do that, or even more severe when I have a chance to enroll into a Go school like the International Baduk Academy or the Kings International Baduk Center where I will devote whole day, day after day, to the study of Go and come back and be the strongest Malaysian player ever.

Until that happens, I have somehow started another Go routine which worked well for some time now. I have been solving the Lee Changho series of Tesuji and Tsumego books. And I do that everyday, at most, I will miss one or maximum 2 days out of a week. I have completed the Tesuji series (6 volumes in total) and am starting on volume 5 of his Tsumego book.

I find the Tesuji series relatively easier than the Tsumego series so far. I do not face much problem with the Tesuji series up to and until volume 5. Volume 6 was quite tough but still okay. The Tsumego series, I have no problems up to the 3rd book. The 4th book got hard but still solvable, but I am getting more and more wrong answers or variations that I have not thought of.

I think I have improved a little bit over the past few months and I attribute this to the Lee Changho Tesuji and Tsumego series. I hope I do not exaggerate by saying that EVERY, EACH AND EVERY, Go player should work through these two series of books. I plan to revisit this series again after I complete the Tsumego books.

And one side result is I find myself quite addicted to solving Life and Death (i.e. Tsumego) problems. I used to really hate Tsumego and avoided it like a plague but by forcing myself to go through the problems, I find new joy in them. In fact, I am looking out for other tsumego problems and I have determined to work through the Gokyo Shumyo when I get the book (I have actually printed the problems out from the internet but will wait for the book anyways) and I am now working on the Shikatsu Myoki. I am trying to do 4 problems from the Shikatsu Myoki every night and I have started just two nights ago, taking the advice from my previous post, i.e. 4 problems set on the goban and I will work it through, and then next morning while waiting for the iron to get hot so that I can iron my work clothes, I will look at the goban again and visualise the solution.

Shikatsu Myoki and Gokyo Shumyo are both tsumego from the classical period and the questions are quite interesting. Looking at the problems inside, Shikatsu Myoki do look like a tougher book while I don’t have any problems with the first few questions from the Gokyo Shumyo.

I am planning to also post the problems on this blog as well and to discuss the solutions here. At least I will start. I have a feeling that I won’t be able to get this going for long but I will try. I will post here the problems and the solution, together with my line of thoughts, refutations, etc. from the Shikatsu Myoki.

Here is the first problem from Shikatsu Myoki. Black to play and kill white.The solution will be in a separate post:


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3 responses to “Persevere Like A Dog And You Will Get The Dogfood

  1. tsumego solved instantly :) actually i’ve seen this.
    pity, never actually happened in my games

  2. veilChen

    I can’t see the picture, but good routine you’re doing, get strong steadily and Malaysia GO will has a bright future.

  3. fallingstones

    haha… you both high dans, should have no problems with this one. but later the problems do get tougher and tougher and more and more interesting ^^

    tsumego is fun. i don’t know why i hated it so much last time. maybe i am just so lazy :)

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