Something Again About Go – Not yet Transformers

Go is occupying a lot of my time recently and as such many other things, especially movies, is taking a back seat now. So what is happening re my Go now? Well, the following:

1. I am refining my Go study routine to fit my lifestyle. Now I do lots of Tsumego, Lee Changho’s series which I do at least 3-5 problems every night in bed (used to be 10 to 15 but volume 5 is getting so very hard now) and one problem from the Shikatsu Myoki which I lay on the goban in my study room and play over the problem, exploring all possibilities. Then I review games that I have subscribed to the Go Juan audio Go lectures. One thorough game analysis every one or two weeks. I am focusing a lot on Gu Li’s games lately.

2. I have bought a brand new floor Goban from Kuroki Goishi Ten. Will be arriving next week. It is going to be such a beautiful baby and will be such a great set together with my slate and shell stones in the keyaki bowl, also bought from Kuroki Goishi Ten. It is the best place to shop for Go equipment on the planet and the prices are just really reasonable, given its high quality. I will post the photos next week.

3. I am continuing to give weekly lessons at the Japan club to new players. This is really fun, to be able to see new players and give them back what my “seniors” gave me when I first started learning. “Everybody starts playing Go as a Beginner”.

Here are some inspiring quotes I glimpsed from the internet:

From the Kuroki Goishi Website on their Philosophy:

“We have our own philosophy ; Human beings use Go Stones, and human beings and Go Stones can contact each other via the soul, so they must be natural and at the same time, they should be hand made.

Each stone goes through a 3-month, 24-stage process and every craftsman touches it at least once, sees it with their own eyes, talks to it, and turns it into a Go Stone that is capable of expressing the thoughts of the Go player.

Our Go Stone represent player’s strong will for victory.”

From the advice from James Kerwin on getting beyong 1 Dan:

“Kyu games tend to be won by knockouts, such as the death of a group or a catastrophic loss of territory. To advance in the dan ranks you will have to learn to box and not just punch. You must be prepared to go fifteen rounds every game and to win on points, not by knockout. You must win a majority of the rounds, even if only by a little. Each punch must be well directed and solid. You can see the truth of this clearly when you replay pro games.

You must put more importance on details and small advantages. It is not enough to save your groups, you must learn to live gracefully and without struggle. It is not enough to press a group hoping to kill it, you must learn how to extract profits from the groups you attack even as they make life. It is not enough to take or destroy territory, you must learn how to do it in sente. It is not enough to win the battle, you must also leave the battle in good shape to fight the next one. It is not enough to play the right moves, you must make sure you play them in the right order.

In the kyu ranks attitude is important, but not critical. After you become a dan player you won’t make much more progress unless you have the right attitude. The right attitude is not humility exactly, but something like it. You already play good moves, but you can’t let that fact blind you to better moves. Your moves may be successful, or powerful, or clever, but that is irrelevant. There is really only one question, and you must ask it every move. That question is: “Is this move the best move, even if the best move is only a little bit better than this move?” You must be consumed with the search for the best move, the correct move. Any other attitude will slow you down or stop you completely. You can’t afford pride, or fear, or greed, or complacence.”

Kami No Itte!!!

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