New Toy – Sneak Preview

The new floor goban that I bought from Kuroki Goishi Ten has arrived on Saturday. Surprising as I have only confirmed my order just on Thursday itself, so it took only 2 days to reach me.

A floor goban is actually a long dream come true. The first time I watched Hikaru No Go, I wanted to own a floor goban. Since I started learning and playing Go, I have owned some table goban, which is really very practical and not very expensive. But to really sound like a snob, a floor goban is the ultimate.

Funny thing is I have come into knowledge of really strong players, I think 5dan, who really do not own any equipment at all and play using the computer. It is my caveat here to mention that strength in Go does not correlate to the equipment (and for that matter, the books) you own. However, equipment and books do correlate closely with the enjoyment one can derive from the game, although it is very true that the ultimate enjoyment is to be able to crush each and every player one encounters. ;-) But realistically speaking, I can just derive enjoyment from other Go related things, such as Go equipment, books and especially my Go friends, since I am very weak at Go.

Here is a sneak preview of the floor Goban. This is a very quick picture and more will follow, since my wife the photographer has volunteered to take nice pictures of my goban.

Details of the set:

Goban – Size 60 (17cm) Shinkaya (New Kaya) floor goban. Grain masame.
Gosu (bowl) – Keyaki extra large
Goishi (stones) – Size 33 (9.2mm) moon grade slate and shell stones.

All the above was bought from Kuroki Goishi Ten, the gosu and goishi was bought about a year earlier. The price is very reasonable, the goban at around 70,000 yen and the gosu plus goishi is around 35,000 yen. So the total for the set is around 105,000 yen before shipping.

I will treasure this set and until I get to 5dan, I won’t buy another set (but perhaps will buy another Hyuga Kaya table goban. haha).

More pictures to follow.


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6 responses to “New Toy – Sneak Preview

  1. Hey,

    ahhh!!! I want a Shogi table too! It’s great that you can afford a floor goban! Looks great! =)

    Ryou Takehito

  2. Dennis

    Congrats on finally getting the floor goban! It absolutely looks delicious. So, when are you getting new snow grade stones for it? :P

  3. wow.. it’s amazing. i’m jealous already :)

    winning is nice, but the joy from winning is so temporary. some people stop playing Go and just kibitz just to hold on to their previous wins and ranks.

    i think your enjoyment of Go is of the truest form. great to know you…

  4. fallingstones

    hi guys! thanks! hope to have a chance to play a game with you all on this new goban ;-) am enjoying it every single night now… hehe.

    • Karakurom

      Congrats… something you want for a long time.

      The picture remind me of the goban you made from a piece of marble you pick up somewhere.

  5. veilChen

    your shining goban arrived, yea congrats … you did enjoy go in a unique way, hope you’ll get to 5d soon … don’t forget to eat while you juz lay stones on it ^^ …

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