Object of Go

Some random thoughts on Go:

1. The winner of Go is determined by who has more points. The player that has more points wins.

2. Points can be obtained by either surrounding territories or capturing opponent’s stones.

3. Therefore player A’s total points P(A)=pt(A)+pc(A), pt(A) being total number of points of surrounded territories and pc(A) being the number of opponent’s stones captured.

4. Therefore, if P(A) > P(B), then P(A) wins. P(A) being the total points for player A and P(B) being the total points of player B. Add komi points to the players that plays White.

Knowing this, there is then actually two important things in Go, i.e. your ability to surround territory and/or your ability to capture stones.

Therefore whenever a move is played, always consider:

1. Does the move contribute to increasing your territory points?

2. Does the move contribute to decreasing your opponent’s territory points?

3. Does the move contribute to saving your stones from being captured?

4. Does the move contribute to capturing your opponent’s stone?

Therefore, every move you play has a certain value. What is the value? How much can it add to your points? How much can it reduce your opponent’s point? How much can it strengthen your own weak groups? How much can it make the opponent’s stones weak?

With this, we know why the Ear Reddening Move played by the legendary Shusaku agains Gennan Inseki is so great. Because:

1. It strengthens his own weak groups by helping them to escape and reducing opponent’s power.

2. It enlarges his own’s territorial potential.

3. It aims in reducing the opponent’s territorial potential.

In our games, how many times are moves like this being played?

I have read elsewhere that all you need is strength in reading ability. This is true but reading ability is only the enabler. It enables one to execute his strategy. But pure just reading ability alone is not enough. At best, it is used to solve life and death problems, but Go is a lot more than just life and death.

The black move of 1 in the diagram below is the legendary ear reddening move.

Hahahahahahahaha….. what a rant on a Friday lunch time afternoon where I have 2 hours lunch break. Hahahahahaha.

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