Japanese Modern Visual Culture – Daicon

Yesterday and today morning we were at the Multimedia University in Cyberjaya as part of the Malaysia Weiqi Association’s promotion of Go in the Daicon event. It was really nice, full of youth and vigor. It is undeniable that the Japanese have been very successful in exporting their culture, from karaoke to manga to anime to J-Pop etc.

It has always been a wonder to me to see people dressed just like the characters in the manga or anime. But it is such a great thing that they did, do what they like, live the moment. Daicon is a great celebration not only of Japanese visual art but also a celebration of the spirit of youth.

Here are some photos (courtesy of my wife of course):



Malaysia Weiqi Association promotion gang:


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3 responses to “Japanese Modern Visual Culture – Daicon

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  2. your wife took great pics.
    many thanks to her.

    about shuwen’s game vs the guy, was there any handicap?

  3. fallingstones

    hi! thanks! i will tell her and she will be very happy :)

    the game between shuwen and the guy is an even game.

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