Tora-san Again

In TORA-SAN’S DREAM COME TRUE (“Otoko wa tsurai yo: Torajiro yumemakura”), the 10th installment out of 48 in the movie series, the longest movie series in the world, we see again Tora-san’s exploits and we get to see more of him, what he is made of, what kind of person he is.

Oh damn, Tora-san is really an annoying guy, isn’t he? On his return to his hometown, he saw and heard nothing except for scorns of what an idiot he is. One memorable scene was when his sister, Sakura, saw him sneaking back into the house and the group comprising his uncle, aunt and the printing press boss began to put up an act saying how good Tora-san is and how much they missed him. They even pretended to cry. And then the uncle asks Sakura to say something and she said, well he has a warm heart. And the rest of the gang said oh yeah, he has a warm heart. But what they didn’t know perhaps is that Sakura really meant what she said.

Sakura is really a beautiful person, not only beautiful physically but she is beautiful as a person. Almost flawless and is the complete opposite of Tora-san. Anyways, as usual, Tora-san wanted to leave after feeling that he is not wanted but then met a beautiful old friend (Chiyo) and then decided to stay instead.

In the course of the movie, we again saw Tora-san’s clumsiness and all his flaws. But then we get a glimpse of his inner core when he tried to set up the marriage between the professor and Chiyo (whom, we think, he loves) and when Chiyo told him that she loves him and not the professor, he was dumbstruck, and he sort of rejected her. And then in another scene, we saw how he left his good friend (again) saying that he is no good for him and ask him to find a better path and don’t be like him.

So we see a Tora-san that is a completely simple minded person, who loves and talks and tramps and is annoying as hell but is also capable of self-awareness, love and desires goodness for other people, even though he himself suffers.

The Tora-san series is a wonderful series of movies, isn’t it?

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