Disastrous Game

For the fun of it, we have started a Gobango series in the club. The gobango is inspired by the old Japanese masters where they have a series of 10 games but because we don’t have that much time, we reduced it to 5 games and thus Go bango. Each player in the club is free to choose his or her opponents. My opponents confirmed so far are Alex, Xinwen and Philip. I have two more slots of which to fill.

Yesterday I had my first game with Alex and it was a disaster especially towards the late midgame/early endgame where I lost a lot of points and needlessly throw away stones because I have failed in my second precept in Go, i.e., to always think and verify before playing. I failed to do that and as a result my opponent captured the stones that I have carelessly played and increased his territory. If not the result won’t be as disastrous as this.

At the beginning, it was still ok but a joseki mistake and some psychological problem resulted in my stones getting sealed in. The joseki mistake was the star point-kakari-pincer-jump joseki which I am not very good at but somehow chose. I have used the low Chinese Fuseki which I am currently studying and below is the board position up to move 8:

I have had a game with Alex previously and the board position up to here is exactly the same. And Alex made the same jump. As I was studying this fuseki, none of the games in the database suggested this jump. Here is the board pattern search of over 100,000 professional and high dan amateur games. The most common reply for White is at “a”, i.e. san-san. There must be a reason why no one in that 100,000 plus games played the jump as Alex did with move number 8. I wanted to experiment to find the answer but the results for me was disastrous. Perhaps I am not strong enough. Maybe someone strong reading this can help.

My theory is that it is bad for White to let Black get territory on both sides of the board, i.e. the right side and the top side. But I am not sure.

Below is the position up to move 81. I notice my weakness of loving territory too much and getting sealed in everywhere, resulting in my opponent getting a huge center framework. I am working towards improving this psychological weakness and be more daring to venture into the center and be non-attached to corner and side territory.

As per above, I have failed strategically to limit White’s center potential and did not exploit the weakness in the formation and this breaks my first precept, i.e. always have a plan. I have failed to evaluate strategy and failed to formulate a plan to counter that central potential.

So I deserve to lose this game but my next game, I will improve and do my best again. Go is such an enjoyable game. Even more so when playing with great friends :)


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4 responses to “Disastrous Game

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  2. black seems okay to me.. can still reduce in many directions, especially with those weaknesses around.

    move 81 has the honte feel to it … so i dont think it was the reason for your loss..

    O12 is one way to exploit N15 weakness.
    B13 is cool
    of course B4..

    not sure why you mark D11 too.

  3. Dennis

    I think White is better. White has managed to impose his will on the game and the result is to his liking. Even with the weaknesses, White should be able to get a better part of the center territory.

  4. fallingstones

    hi zaid, thanks for your ideas. O12 and B13 are very interesting ideas. I have looked at this game many times but have never considered O12 and B13. In the actual game i jumped to O13 which then resulted in helping white fix the weakness there. As for D11, it is nothing, was just hoping I had a stone there. lol.

    hi dennis, thanks for your comment. at this point in time, i think it is pretty ok for both sides. in terms of balance of territory vs influence is about ok.

    the real problem started much later. lol. u will see it when i show u later. up to here is still playable i think. the failure was after this. haha.

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