Bango Report

In my earlier post, I have made a vow to treat each game seriously and play seriously. I think I have more or less done that, I have tried to play more seriously although there are games that I have tried some new fuseki ideas (those I played with will know what I am talking about).

However, playing seriously is different from playing the most severe move every single time. You still can have a serious game but yet the moves may not be the most severe that one can imagine or play. This is because when you have a game that is won, you can safely play the moves that do not take the highest risks but play perhaps a second best move that can safely lead to a win. I am sure Hane Naoki sensei will endorse this idea as he has himself said this in his book “The Way of Creating a Thick and Strong Game”.

For example in my game with Anthony (one of the up and coming player, who is very determined to improve) yesterday, the first game I played him I gave him 4 handicap stones and won. Then we played a second game and Chyn playfully asked us to play a 6 handicap game which I thought, well why not? I won that game by 55points and Anthony said how come he lose so much more in a 6 handicap game compared to a 4 handicap game? I told him that it’s because in a 6 handicap game, my moves will be much more severe compared to a 4 handicap game. In that way, it is like what Hane Noaki sensei said, there is no need to take the highest risk and play the most severe move. Sometimes a low-risk second best move will win the game too.

Okay, today’s topic is about the 2nd Gobango Game that I have played. Since per my post below, I will write briefly on the bango games, here is something that I must pay more attention in my next game. I missed a handful of endgame moves and I realise I tend to really make mistakes in my endgame.

The game is against Philip (2d). I took black with no komi and I won that game by 22 points on the board. However, although it doesn’t affect the result of the game, I could have done something in the diagram below (approximate position only since we didn’t record the game). Black to move. What is the status? Can Black do anything? (this position is probably a 6-8kyu question. haha).


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9 responses to “Bango Report

  1. My brain normally automatically shuts itself whenever I see a Tsumego. But if I need to try something, I will try below:

    Black T6
    White T10
    Black S8

  2. fallingstones

    oh yea. seki only. 2 more liberties. in the game i played T10 and then white T9 and then i connected. i should have S8 instead. then its seki.

  3. Boon Ping

    Black T10
    White T9
    Black T6
    White S8


  4. haha of course, death in hane :)

  5. fallingstones

    omg….. u guys r so strong…. wish one day i can see the board as clearly as the both of you :)

  6. i certainly dont see as clearly as Boon Ping in tsumego.

    which is why i always have to suffer playing extra move to totally secure my groups when playing him :(

  7. fallingstones

    lol waqi, if only i have half your strength i will be contented :)

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