Wicked Food

For a long time, Chili’s has stopped serving the “deadly” Chili’s Cheese Fries. So “deadly” but extremely delicious. But eating them once in a while is okay, I guess. So yesterday after checking out Harvey Norman’s exhibition in KLCC, we went to the Chili’s there, which is perpetually packed, and to my surprise, the Cheese Fries is back! Ordered it without a blink. Wow…. slurrrrp…. heavenly.

It will be a nice dish to serve in parties I guess and when my new home is ready and if there is a party, I will try to make this deadly but delicious dish for my guests. It’s not too hard to make. Just deep fry some fries in palm oil so that it is crispy and golden. Then put a, ahem, thick layer of cheddar cheese in between the crispy golden fries. Then put them in the oven so that the cheese will melt into the fries.

Next, get a small portion of minced beef and stir fry them in a normal way. Take the cheese fries from the oven and lay some minced beef and jalapenos on top of it.

You will need some sour cream sauce to dip the fries too. That is easily made with some sour cream, some buttermilk, mayonnaise, minced onion and garlic, some herbs and whatever else you want to put in it to suit your taste.

Now the whole thing is ready. Get a fork, dive into the fries, make sure you get some cheese sticking to it, some minced beef sticking to it, and dip the whole thing into the sour cream sauce and put the whole thing in your mouth.

It is perhaps one of the most heavenly (or hellish, depends on how you look at it) thing mankind can ever put into his/her mouth. Woohoo!


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9 responses to “Wicked Food

  1. Oh my re your love for this dish which sounds just like a french fries version of the classic Tex-Mex nachos! ;b

  2. papillion

    It’s a sin eating that bunch or Carbo!

  3. Dennis

    Sounds yummy. Can’t wait till your housewarming party. :)

  4. 嗨!
    你是japan club的的围棋导师吧?
    thank you~

  5. Violet

    this sound extremely delicious.

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