The Bruneian Experience

So I am now back from Brunei since I was invited by Xinwen to Brunei to be their chief judge in the Brunei 1st Inter-School Weiqi (Go) Tournament 09.

I have always been amazed by Xinwen and his team in promoting Go in Brunei and this inter-school tournament is indeed another big leap forward to encourage more people to play Go. To show my support to him as well as sort of representing the Malaysian weiqi players as well, me and my wife bought the Air Asia flight last Wednesday. It was a trip that almost didn’t happen as we were on the verge of canceling the trip as something unexpected happened but finally we were able to go.

The tournament was casual but well organised. The best part of it is it has a very close feeling to it, everyone is nice to each other and the mood is very jovial and positive. There are more on the tournament on Xinwen’s blog.

On Brunei itself, it is a rather quiet place, peaceful and with really good roads (perhaps so that the Ferrari and Lamborghini can speed through them). The mosques there are nice and there are quite a lot of mosques there. If you would like to have a peace and quiet life where a lot of things are relatively cheap, such as cars, houses, petrol etc., then Brunei will be a good place to live.

However, if you are the Las Vegas sort, you will easily find yourself easily bored. It will be good, however, to go there and stay to detoxify yourself from too much partying though.

In a way, Brunei or more particularly the Bandar Seri Begawan area since we mostly ventured around there, reminds me of Ipoh or Kelantan. Quiet and peaceful where everybody almost knows everybody and every place is just within minutes from one place to another. The typical Bruneian are really nice people, always very polite and obliging.

So perhaps there is another event next year and if there is a chance, I will perhaps visit Xinwen and his family again. And yes, Xinwen’s family is really nice and pampered us well :)

Here are some pictures (picture credit: the ever excellent Jayden Sia):

Playing simultaneous games with the participants of the tournament:

Prize presentation. This is Peng Hui (or Xinwen calls him Penguin). A jovial and really nice guy. Kit says he looks a bit like Jet Li.

Prize presentation to Mah Zhe Fan (or they call him Makai). He is also very nice and he is quite strong in Go too.

Here is the group photo:


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6 responses to “The Bruneian Experience

  1. Hey,

    it’s Bandar Seri Begawan, not Bagawan. lol. You haven’t tried the highway yet, it’s worst than Malaysia. lol. Glad that you have fun in Brunei!

    Ryou Takehito

  2. idazuwaika

    Ermmm.. what did I attend last year then?
    Brunei Zero-th Inter-school Weiqi?

    I agree with your points about Brunei except that it did not remind me of Ipoh or Kelantan because I totally forgot about them beyond hope.

  3. viento

    welcome back … I really wanna go, nex year should inform us earlier the date so can buy cheap air tix …

  4. fallingstones

    hi ryou, thanks for the correction. i have already corrected the text, together with a few other mistakes. i normally have lots of mistakes in my posts and i need to read and re-read them carefully to make sure that there are as minimal mistakes as possible. maybe i need and editor. haha.

    hi waqi, hmmmm….. i dunno the one you went is for which tournament as they have fancy names for each tournaments. haha.

    hi alex, yea, it will be great if our whole gang can go next year. xinwen just gotta prepare more place for us to sleep only. haha. buy tix earlier, is a lot a lot cheaper. so yes, xinwen must confirm earlier. good luck and have a safe trip to bangkok!

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  6. viento

    ya, no chance to go oversea a whole gang this year, feel lonely T^T …

    hopefully can win more in bangkok, thx for ur wishes … ya have a nice weekend … see you next week …

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