Some Pics From Brunei

Well, perhaps my earlier blog post is a bit biased towards Go and may give the reader an impression that I have done nothing in Brunei except doing Go stuffs but that is not true. Xinwen, Tisha (Xinwen’s adorable sister), Peng Hui (Xinwen evilly called him Penguin) and Jayden brought us to some places to visit and the photos below will tell. All photos courtesy of Tisha.

This picture was taken with blur guy Xinwen in the Royal Regalia Museum where all the stuffs regarding the Sultan of Brunei is kept, including the history, coronation, gifts from other countries, etc. It’s full of glittering stuffs and gold. The museum is well organized and very visitor friendly.

This was taken in the Empire Hotel and Country Club, the most posh hotel in Bandar Seri Begawan. This luxury hotel faces the sea and has, amongst other regular amenities, a full scale cinema in its compound. From the picture, Peng Hui do look like a fatter version of Jet Li. Haha.

The above picture captures the atmosphere at the Musical Water Fountain in Jerudong Park. It is a very nice place to just sit and watch the water and the “Be My Guest” song is most apt and the most beautiful, perhaps also signaling Xinwen’s thoughts and treating his guests (i.e mon épouse et moi) so well.

Xinwen horsing around in another Jerudong Park area. Jerudong Park is a huge theme park built by the brother of the Sultan and many many years ago, admission to this park is free of charge (now it only costs B$3.00) and has many rides. However, recently, the park has deteriorated and lesser and lesser people go there. But still, it is quite a swell place to bring the family to go and hang around during the weekend.

Another shot at the Jerudong Park with the Carousel at the back.

We were taken to many nice places to eat and this is a Japanese restaurant called Excapade Sushi. It was fully packed and the food and price is reasonable. The gentleman behind Xinwen is Xinwen’s dad. A very hospitable and extremely nice person. Further back is of course, Tisha.

There are many places that also visited such as the Jame’Asr Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque, the Kampung Ayer and such but we didn’t bring a camera and as such no pictures taken. We have eaten quite a bit too, the Ko Lo me is superb but didn’t have a chance to taste some Brunei food such as the famous Nasi Katok which looks like our Nasi Lemak but I don’t know about the taste. Maybe next time.

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