Restructuring and Change

As the first step in restructuring my life, I will be selling off many of my boardgames, saving those only that I think I will play more often with my friends and my family, or some that I would just like to keep despite having low play rate. There is no point for me to keep those games that I will only play perhaps once, twice or thrice a year. I would gladly sell them off to other interested people who can now buy them a lot cheaper and at good quality, since I take very good care of the boardgames and also that many of them are seldom played more than 3 times.

I would like to sell all of them at as a bundle package. There are 42 games in this list and I will be willing to let them go as a package for RM6,000. As a matter of fact, I will be very much reluctant to sell piecemeal as I will be bound to be left with some games that I cannot get rid of (although all the games in this list are really, really good games…just that I do not have the time to do justice to them now) but I am willing to break the parcel up to smaller bits of perhaps 10 games each, but the games in each parcel will be determined by me and the average price of course will be higher than if you buy the whole lot of 42 games. Just let me know what games you are interested in and I will parcel them for you and discuss about the price.

The game list are as follows:

1 At the Gates of Loyang (2009)
2 Axis & Allies 1942 Edition (2009)
3 A Brief History of the World (2009)
4 Catan: Cities & Knights (1998)
5 Chicago Express (2008)
6 Citadels (2000)
7 Confucius (2008)
8 Container (2007)
9 Container: The Second Shipment (2008)
10 Cyclades (2009)
11 Dominant Species (2010)
12 Founding Fathers (2010)
13 Genoa (2001)
14 Goa (2004)
15 El Grande (1995)
16 Hansa Teutonica (2009)
17 Homesteaders (2009)
18 Imperial 2030 (2009)
19 In the Year of the Dragon (2007)
20 Inca Empire (2010)
21 Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001-? (2010)
22 Liberté (2001)
23 Perikles (2006)
24 Power Grid (2004)
25 Power Struggle (2009)
26 The Princes of Florence (2000)
27 Race for the Galaxy (2007)
28 Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium (2009)
29 Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm (2008)
30 The Republic of Rome (1990)
31 Rise of Empires (2009)
32 The Scepter of Zavandor (2004)
33 Steam (2009)
34 Steam Barons (2009)
35 Struggle of Empires (2004)
36 Tide of Iron (2007)
37 Tigris & Euphrates (1997)
38 Tinners’ Trail (2008)
39 Twilight Imperium (Third Edition) (2005)
40 Twilight Imperium (Third Edition): Shattered Empire (2006)
41 Warlords of Europe (2010)
42 Wasabi! (2008)

You can drop me a mail at hdoong at yahoo dot com for offer and discussion. If there are more than one offer, then the highest bidder will be the winner.



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3 responses to “Restructuring and Change

  1. Caleb Lee

    Minimum is 10 is it?

    1 At the Gates of Loyang (2009)
    3 A Brief History of the World (2009)
    4 Catan: Cities & Knights (1998)
    5 Chicago Express (2008)
    8 Container (2007)
    9 Container: The Second Shipment (2008)
    15 El Grande (1995)
    24 Power Grid (2004)
    33 Steam (2009)
    37 Tigris & Euphrates (1997)
    42 Wasabi! (2008)

    Would rather buy them separately due to money constraint. :)

  2. that’s a very impressive list of good games! i’d be interested to see what are the games you’re keeping. :-)

  3. fallingstones

    Hi Caleb, some of the games are still available. Can you e-mail me so I can reply there? Thanks!

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