Games I am Keeping

In response to Hiew’s comments in the post below, here are the games that I will be keeping for various reasons, but mostly that they are being played very often. Some of the games are not really “high-brow” games especially compared to some of the games that I am selling such as Goa and Princes of Florence, for example, or from well known designers such as Martin Wallace. I do keep some of his games but unlike movies where I am an auteur person, I do not follow games based on the designer although knowing who the designer is do trigger me to investigate the game.

Many of the games that I keep are easy to play games that do not require like 6 hours to complete. They offer interesting game play, some tough decisions and interaction between players. Some of the games are good to get non-gamers in. And some of the games such as 1856 are long and complex games but I like it too much I would just like to keep it even though I play it only once or twice a year.

So here is the list together with the reason why I am keeping them:

1. 1856 – part of the 18xx series which I truly admire. A superb economic game with great mechanics. Long game but worthwhile. Gives me a great feeling each time I play it.

2. 1860 – part of the 18xx fetish. Haha.

3. Age of Empires III – simple game with some tough decisions. Nice miniatures. Good mechanics.

4. Age of Steam – a rather complex game but very satisfying. Cut-throat. One of the train games I will always play if time does not allow an 18xx game.

5. Agricola and its expansions – cute bits. Good theme. Not hard to learn but put in the cards, the game can be complex and decisions agonizing. Scales very well in terms of players and complexity and the various types of cards make this game very re-playable.

6. Battlestar Gallactica and its expansion – Good and very fun game. Lots of player interaction. The hidden cylon mechanics provide most of the fun to this otherwise quite dry game. But the hidden cylon mechanic alone and the fun derived from it made this a keeper.

7. Brass – another superb Martin Wallace game besides Age of Steam that I am keeping. This is a really, really good game. Each time I play it, I enjoyed it immensely. I am keeping this even though I play online at the turn-based server.

8. Caylus – like Age of Empires and Agricola, this is a worker placement game but this one is at the pinnacle. The mechanics is classy. The game is classy. Good player interaction and very “euro” feel. If I want to play an “euro worker placement game”, this is the game I will think about.

9. Diplomacy – Matured. Evil. Can play 7 people. Real. What a great design this is.

10. Endeavor – Although the mechanics is similar to a few games such as Puerto Rico and Goa, worker placement and all, this game is fast, beautiful and pull everything together nicely and neatly. Our group enjoy this game a lot and whenever we think of a fast and good game, this game inevitably gets mentioned.

11. Le Havre and its expansion – lots of bits, tough decisions. Actually this game did not get a lot of play time from my group but I personally like it because of its design. Perhaps I have some personal liking for micro-management of things, getting this and this so that I can get that, and after getting that, I can therefore score how many points etc.

12. Indonesia – This also does not get a lot of game time but like 1856, I love the mechanics, I like fiddling with bits (perhaps is a reason why I like Le Havre too). And I love economic games which this game provides so amply. A wonderful, wonderful game. I wish I can play more of it but like 1856, the long game time is a problem.

13. Die Macher – One of the favourite of our group. Everytime there is an election or by-election, we want to play it. Have played it many times now and each time, it was fun and engaging, and the game after-taste is something to be savoured.

14. Puerto Rico – classic euro. Choices. Optimization. This game plays fast, provide meaningful actions and decisions. Open information game.

15. The Settlers of Catan – My wife’s favourite game. I don’t really think it’s that good but as a game to introduce people to play or to play a light game with family and friends, this game is good. Given a choice, I will not automatically want to play this game. It is good with the Cities and Knights expansion but since I am not a fan of this game, I am not keeping that expansion and I keep this base game purely for playing a light game (actually, I am more happy and feel that using the Agricola family game to introduce players to the game is more effective).

16. Shogun – If we want to play a war-like game, it will be shogun. Interesting mechanics, attractive components. Well designed. One of our group’s favourites.

17. Sid Meier’s Civilization (2010 edition) – Good civilization building game although it can get lengthy. But interesting game and scratch that civilization building itch in us.

18. Stone Age – easy to understand mechanics. Interesting game for casual gamers. Fast. My brothers and sisters love this game and requested it to be played repeatedly during CNY. Definitely great family game.

19. Through the Ages – one of the best card driven games I have played. In my opinion, a much better civilization game compared to Sid Meier’s Civilization above. But it is a long game and not very popular with our group. I would want to play this game more often. I admire its design and gameplay.

20. Ticket to Ride – Great family game. My mom likes it. My wife likes it (maybe because she won by a mile!). Great for casual gamers. I am keeping it for that purpose only.

21. Twilight Struggle – One of the best games out there. I really like this game. Those that I played with love this game too. Superb design. The only game I rate that is near to Go. Delightful, interesting, rewarding.

22. Wealth of Nations and its expansions – This game is one of the better economic games out there. Great player interaction as well. Each time I play this game, I feel really nice. Not with the War Cloud expansion though. I didn’t think this game needed that expansion. The base game alone feels cut-throat enough. One of the jewels out there.

I have two more games coming my way, i.e. Automobile and Shipyard, which should arrive tomorrow. I suspect these two are keepers but I will have to try it out with the group and see how these goes.

I may sell off Le Havre and Sid Meier’s Civilization from this list in the near future though.


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2 responses to “Games I am Keeping

  1. Goodness, I’ve never heard of ANY of the games mentioned in this or the previous post!!! :O

  2. fallingstones

    Haha Yvonne, these are quite good games although Scrabble is tops too :)

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