Strategy and stuffs like that

A lot has been written about strategy and shelves of books have been published on this subject, especially so on business strategy. When I sit in a “strategy” meeting, it always annoys me when the participants do not know what “strategy” actually means, and started talking about visions and missions and stuffs, drawing up huge balance scorecards that has like two dozen items on them, draw up a humongous budget that will quickly be irrelevant in 2 months’ time, and talking endlessly on big topics using big and bombastic words, chic and trendy words etc. Sometimes it becomes unbearable.

Unbearable because I know after all these talks, nothing will come out of it and all it has done is to create big bureaucratic procedures and multiple reporting and tracking mechanism that does not really solve the problem or tackle the issue. Everyone has a good holiday, good talking session, good food, etc. except for the shareholders and owners who actually put up money to pay their salaries and expenses.

Not that I am any expert in strategy but for me, strategy has to be clean, straightforward and easy to understand. The actual tactical and execution part of it can be and is usually messy and detailed oriented but the strategy itself must be clear and straightforward, framing the issue at hand and tackle it head on. There is no need for high level language and busy looking charts.

During the course of my working life and studies, I have read numerous books on strategy but the one that I find closest to what I am thinking is this book called GOOD STRATEGY/BAD STRATEGY by Richard Rumelt. It is such a delightful book to read and it gives me the same sense of urgency, no-nonsense way to tackle challenges at hand. Roll up your sleeves and find a way to punch the opponent with your maximum force hitting their weakest spot. A good read and I recommend it to anyone interested in strategy.

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