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An update

It seems I have a couple of friends who refused to join Facebook and I found out that they are not alone and there are many others. Most updates on what is happening in my life and my thoughts etc. are on Facebook but understanding that Facebook is not for everyone, I will write something on this beloved blog of mine.


I am still working at the media company, working on this channel that plays award-winning and critically acclaimed films. That is one part of the job which I enjoyed the most and of course there are other projects that are happening as well. Managing this channel is one of the most interesting thing that I have done since I love films and the opportunity to program for this channel is really a dream come true.

Besides acquiring films via film markets, we have also started this program called the South East Asia Director Focus. It is a show where directors are interviewed on their career and work and this interview will accompany their films that will be showed on the channel. It is in the third season now. Here are some pictures:

This is by far the most interesting project that I have done. Do you recognize these faces?


The Go Academy that we started earlier is still going strong and the students are increasing. It was not easy to run this and try not to lose too much money but every time I see a student improving, I feel very happy inside. Also, I am still teaching Go at the Tunku Abdul Rahman University College and this semester we have 240 students and in total we have taught more than 1,000 students. And of course, I am still publishing my Go books with a revision coming up next year.




My puppies have grown very big now and they are so adorable :)



At one point in time, we were obsessed with the 18xx series of stock market train game. Recently, we are crazy over Dominion, a card game, or more correctly a deck building game. It is quite amazing. You start with just 10 cards and you build your deck and try to gain as many points as possible. The cards combination is endless and very repayable, each time a different game. And it plays really fast. We gather quite often to play boardgames and not just Dominion but others such as the classic Puerto Rico even Scrabble!


There are many others such as travels and there are many over the past few months, most notably the trip to Japan. The rest are mostly work related travels such as to the Fajr Film Festival in Tehran, Busan International Films Festival, Hong Kong Filmart and the Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival. Here are some photos from the very memorable Japan trip mainly to Kyoto, Osaka and Okayama.


Basically it is quite ok these few months and hopefully it will be better as time passes. I am aging and there is not much time left. It is best spent doing things you enjoy and be with people you love. Sometimes it is not easy but if there are efforts put in, the reward will come.

Until next time, see ya!

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