Unless expressly mentioned, the content of this site is entirely written by me, with my fingers, eyes and brains and I expect people to respect that. If you need to use the content, please leave me a message. On the other hand, if I have mistakenly taken content from you without acknowledging you, please notify me immediately so that I can rectify it.

This site is still a work in progress in many ways. Life is a work in progress. While the blog is definitely being updated regularly, other sections in this site especially the Notes section will not see as frequent an update.

The opinions on this site, if any, are all personal and must be read with a grain of salt. Do not trust everything that I write but instead I hope my opinions will inspire you to find out the real truth for yourself.

To navigate, you can check out the “Category” list at the left side and explore the topics there, such as movie review posts, thoughts, etc. Another way to navigate is to use the search box which is a very convenient way to look for posts if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Many thanks for visiting this site and for spending your time here. I hope it is worthwhile.

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