2010 Wishlist

Well, 2010 is just around the corner and as I sometimes do, I reflect on what I have accomplished over the year and list what I want to accomplish next year. The results of this exercise, as I have experienced since the first time I do this in secondary school, is not positive at all since I always do not achieve what I resolved to do and at best, on average, can only achieve perhaps 30% of what I have resolved. In fact I have just happened to look at my diary for the year 1991 and looking through the list of resolutions now looks like a joke to me.

However, it is a nice feeling to do it nonetheless. Human beings are quasi-logical animals anyways and needed some kind of logical thinking and organization to feel that they are dong something. They need some plans. And of course, they also need God.

So for 2010, here is a list of things I wish to do and will do my best to achieve. Things like this tends to sound selfish, so please bear with me:

1. Get the house ready and comfy and get my parents to come and stay. This is top priority.

2. Go to Beijing and stay for 3 months to study Mandarin and Go.

3. Go for a long travel to either Latin America or Eastern Europe.

4. Write a book.

5. Be more healthy.

6. Start to learn Japanese.

7. Be nicer to people, place more importance on friendship and not rely only on Facebook to keep in touch. Bring family members closer together. Add new family members.

8. Get back into the entertainment industry. This is where my heart and soul is.


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4 responses to “2010 Wishlist

  1. How about adding “visit HK while YTSL is there” to your list?

  2. fallingstones

    haha, “while YTSL is there”…… u planning to leave HK???

  3. Hi Ho —

    Not planning but… it’s weird for a rolling stone like me to be this contented, you know? ;b

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