Meme & Stephen Chow

Some photos of Stephen Chow when he came over for the CJ7 interview with us. He is so thin and his teeth is so straight and white! He is a natural talent, even during a normal conversation, he is really funny, most of the time not on purpose.




I was tagged by YTSL for a meme on Six Unimportant Things About Me. To be honest, I don’t really know what is important and what is unimportant. Often times, things that I thought is important turns out to be unimportant and vice versa. I guess life is like that. We always oversee things that is important as unimportant, such as calling our parents once in a while so that they know what you are up to, keeping a good diet, drinking more water, etc. And we also confuse ourselves on things that we thought is important but is in fact unimportant, such as being overly stingy, mixing with the wrong friends because we thought they will bring us wealth and fame, stabbing people’s back for advantage, over-partying, etc. Anyways, here is what I thought is unimportant about me:

1. I like to mix my rice with a lot of gravy, curry, sour-chilly gravy, etc. But for really good quality rice, I like to enjoy the rice on its own.

2. I am beginning to get addicted to “Revive”, the isotonic drink by 7-Up.

3. I thought I can write stories and make movies.

4. I have always wanted to be a monk but lack the guts and will to actually do it.

5. I think I have speech impediment.

6. I love to smell books.

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