A Vow re Go

Here is something that I have been thinking about. I think I haven’t really put enough seriousness in playing Go. I mean I do play very serious games which all that is in my mind is to find a way to win, and win I must but a lot of my games are not serious at all. I noticed that all the strong players treat each game seriously, and they play to win. That mindset is the mindset to getting stronger. And I believe it and must now try to think that way too.

I am actually quite sick of having to say, “oh it’s just a teaching game, so the moves are to prompt the student”, or, “oh, I was just playing there to see if the ‘student’ replies correctly or not”, or “I was just testing my moves”, or “I ‘let water’ only”. I am truly getting quite sick of this and I think this is a major roadblock to anyone wanting to improve Go. I don’t think any good and strong Go player thinks like this. To improve Go, there is only one way. To play seriously together with a desire to win, or at least this is what I believe now.

Come to think of it, it really makes no sense to lose and then give excuses. Why not win first then only talk? Why must one lose to teach or experiment? Why not win first then teach the student what he played wrong or win first then only say you could have ‘let water’? I think it is all excuses and to cheat oneself, to want to believe one is actually strong but could not take the fact that one is actually not as strong as one would like to believe. And thus the masking and the excuses.

This whole idea is wrong. It feels wrong.

Anyways, from now on, I vow to treat every game seriously. Played seriously with a desire to win. So if I lose, there shall be no excuses. There is only one reason why I lose. I am weaker than my opponent. At least for the game that has just concluded. And this shall be admitted. Only then will there be a path to become stronger.

And of course, if I win, I will refuse all the excuses my opponent gives me. I will just think he or she is weaker than me. At least for the game that we just played. I will assume he or she played seriously. If not playing seriously, why waste time and play at all? Better go to a movie?

Remember: If you lose, YOU are weaker. No excuses. Just go and study and practice more instead of giving excuses why you “could” have won. Face the fact. Face reality.

“It’s not denial. I’m just selective about the reality I accept.” -Calvin and Hobbes


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5 responses to “A Vow re Go

  1. have the tenacity to beat the people stronger than you one by one… i cant stress how much desire to win is important. i think Hu Yuqing also said something around that.

  2. fallingstones

    thanks waqi for the advice. i will play each game seriously with a desire to win. hope to catch up with you all soon ;-)

  3. viento

    Alex here …

    My thinking about GO from the beginning until now is the same.

    To beat and win over myself. That’s the way to ask why I made some silly moves and lose.

    Sometime even I win, i’m not happy if i played badly and can be satisfied losing because i’ve try my best out of it …

    Erm, dunnoe what i’m talking but to appreciate every moves is important and as the saying goes:

    “a thought without a move is nothing much,
    but a move without a thought is nothing at all”

    So if you think and play but still lose, juz enjoy the game, because in the process the mood of curiosity, tension, enjoyment etc are all worth every second when we play GO ….

  4. fallingstones

    hi alex, i admire your attitude towards go and your attitude towards life in general. hope to learn more things from you :)

  5. viento

    no, i should learn from you … you are so experienced in every aspect of life …

    in Go maybe because it’s about different amount of time spend in it …

    you’re working and i’m studying, so more time and games played …

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