NTV7 Brings Some Joy

Oh my, and it’s finally happening. The Malaysian audience at large can finally see on their TV screen movies form the Cathay Classic Library that includes such great classics such as MAMBO GIRL, WILD WILD ROSE, OUR SISTER HEDY, JUNE BRIDE, SISTER LONG LEGS, THE GREATEST WEDDING ON EARTH, DEATH TRAP, SUN MOON AND STAR, etc. as they are becoming available via the NTV7 Friday 1.30pm slot (named Friday Classics: My Film Noir). At this point in time, I am unsure of the whole library that they have acquired but they have advertised, as their maiden month’s offering, MAMBO GIRL, HER TENDER HEART, CINDERELLA AND HER LITTLE ANGELS and OUR SISTER HEDY.

A couple of years ago, Variety View, a distributor, signed a deal to distribute those movies including distribution in Malaysia for theatrical, TV, DVD rights etc. but up to now, no sign of those DVDs are in sight in the video stores that I visit and I have to rely on my geeky friend to loan me or to buy for me in Hong Kong, or I buy them myself when I am in Hong Kong or via YesAsia.

These movies from the Cathay Classic Libraries are really gems and to a certain extent and in general, in my opinion, is better than those Shaw Brothers classic movies (although I also love many of the Shaw movies). I don’t know but perhaps I am not much of a fan of action movies which I somehow relate to the Shaw library (although this is not true, e.g. HOUSE OF 72 TENANTS) and prefer the more family types of movie that I somehow relate to the Cathay Classic movies.

But all in all, kudos to the NTV7 crew for making this happen (Cheah Yee, Mey Leng and gang, great job!)

A small note, just by the way, is in regards to the naming of the slot My Film Noir which is, I feel, not quite appropriate as when I read it, I was expecting movies like DOUBLE INDEMNITY, SUNSET BOULEVARD, THE BIG SLEEP and such which characterizes that genre. I do understand, however, as “noir”, they would really want to mean black and white movies but somehow, maybe I am too pedantic, I relate Film Noir to movies of that genre and not black and white movies. But it doesn’t really matter so long as we can watch those Cathay Classics!


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4 responses to “NTV7 Brings Some Joy

  1. Way to go NTV7 — and I hope those Cathay movies find an appreciative audience among younger film fans as well as nostalgic older folks.

    Oh and Ho — aiyah, I forgot to show you my Sister Long Legs t-shirt from G.O.D.!!!!!!! ;(

  2. fallingstones

    hi ytsl, yea. but the slot do not seem to appeal to the working class and i have not seen the repeat schedule. i was hoping that they have a repeat in the weekend. i can record those programs but many people do not have recording facilities.

    hahaha. sister long legs t-shirt. next time u r back, please buy for me a cha-chao-bo t-shirt!

  3. bb

    Hi Ho, before you get your Jajambo t-shirt, please catch ‘The Wild Wild Rose’ on 5th Feb! :))

  4. fallingstones

    hahaha, i still want the t-shirt!!! ntv7 got merchandise ah? ;-)

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