The Game in Played

For those interested, here is the kifu of the game played as mentioned in my post below.

Some comments made by Bao Yun in the post game review:

Black C10: Black should have played a line higher at D10 to better coordinate the top and bottom stones.

Black R10: Black should have played around K4 instead of splitting White’s position. This will also give white an oppotunity to attack the stones and at the same time building a moyo at the top.

Black K8: Black would be better off just playing L16 and leave the white stones on the left weak.

White N14: The purpose is to prepare to attack the black group on the right side. I miss this kind of preparatory moves in my own game. Something to remember.

Black R18: is better off at Q18. This will save all of blacks problems later but Boon Ping is a fighter. Bao Yun said that once black plays this moves, he knows that black is planning a Ko. He is blind-folded but sees the board clearer than all of us with eyes wide open.

White N16: sacrificing the white group at the right side is brliiant. He gains sente and builds a massive position in the center.

White O3, this ponuki is too good for white and coordinates well with the center thickness.

Black H5 is unreasonable. Should have simply played at E4 and build up the left side instead of creating a group for attack. However, Boon Ping is very confident with fighting and is a great fighter, so worth a try.

Black J8 give white an easier game. If black plays at K7, the game will be tougher for white. Now white has a great territory potential in the center. Huge river.

White N18. Isn’t this just brilliant?!!! From here on, there’s no chance for black.

Remember that he is playing blind-folded. Way cool :)

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