Turn Left Turn Right MV

The movie is not as good, but imho is good enough, as SOUND OF COLORS, also based on Jimmy Liao’s work.

There are two MVs in this video, of which I prefer the second song. And re the second song, there is a better version sang in Mandarin but me being a Gigi Leung fan (one time), here she is!


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  1. bb

    Hi Ho, I guess the second song you mean is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHizEjsc_6k
    sung by Stefanie Sun Yanzi.

  2. fallingstones

    Hi Albi, yes indeed this Mandarin version is the one and I do think it is better than the Cantonese one :)

  3. idazuwaika

    real Wing Chun is when you beat 10 opponents at the same time, as shown in Ip Man.

    hope I can see you do that one day, in Go.

  4. fallingstones

    haha, i think u pressed the comment for the music video post.

    that ip man was like beating 10 pros at the same time. dunno if even go seigen can do that. i think i can beat 10 25k at the same time now. hehe.

    please teach me how to fight like a 5d! what is your thought process? what are the things you think about? of course relative weakness and strength of stones etc (which is really general), what, in detail, do you as a 5d really think about? or is it going to be a trade secret? a secret recipe?

  5. idazuwaika

    haha.. maybe I should just write about my thought process when playing Go. i’ve been thinking about that actually, but didnt do coz didnt want to be seen as too full of myself. but then, with work and everything, i risk getting weaker now, so should share quickly :)

    blame it on the theme!! normally ppl read blog post, then comment right away, so comment link should be at the bottom.. haha excuse. Sorry to make your blog ugly.

  6. fallingstones

    no probs re the comment. yeah, it’s usually at the bottom… anyways…

    it will be great if you can share your thoughts and ideas and i don;t think anyone will think you are full of yourself but will welcome it very much. even players that are weaker, say 10k, their thoughts are still enjoyable to read (i am a sensei library “recent changes” junkie and reads about other players experience and “journey”) and one can still learn a thing or two sometimes :)

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